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Best Buy Begins Removing Physical Media from Stores, Stopping Sales of DVDs and Blu-ray Discs Wayback Machine URL 5/13/2024 Mike Landry
Amazon vs. Trader Joe’s; Bill Gates still a force at Microsoft; Inside the Binance founder’s sentencing Wayback Machine URL 5/13/2024 Todd Bishop
My 25-Year Career in Web Design Through the Eyes of the Wayback Machine Wayback Machine On Building Software 5/12/2024 Ka Wai Cheung
Neither Candidate Has Much to Say About Israel. So Why Is AIPAC Pouring Money Into This Race? Wayback Machine URL The Intercept 5/11/2024 Akela Lacy
Lostwave: The most mysterious music genre in the world - National Internet Archive Global News 5/10/2024 Alanedgeca
Burning Man removes From the River to the Sea sculpture from website amid controversy Wayback Machine URL SF Gate 5/10/2024 Timothy Karoff
Republican Pennsylvania State Representative with Ties to the New Apostolic Reformation Wants Chaplains in Public Schools Wayback Machine URL Bucks County Beacon 5/10/2024 Peter Greene
Zero Retries 0151 DLARC Zero Retries 5/10/2024 Steve Stroh N8GNJ
LLMs have become a weapon of information warfare Wayback Machine URL TNW | Deep-Tech 5/10/2024 Thomas Macaulay
For Marjorie Taylor Greene, getting booed by the House is no disincentive TV News Archive, GDELT The Washington Post 5/9/2024 Philip Bump
Reddit CEO: We want "clear terms" for using our public data Internet Archive Axios 5/9/2024 Hope King
Investigation: Who is Ilya Gambashidze, the man the US government accuses of running a Kremlin disinformation campaign? Wayback Machine credit Voice of America (VOA News) 5/9/2024 Matthew Kupfer
Russian software used by Swiss federal departments raises security concerns Wayback Machine 5/8/2024 Mattia Pacella
Footage depicts Palestinian TV series set, not Rafah 'crisis actors' Wayback Machine URL Fact Check 5/7/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
Panera dropping Charged Lemonade energy drinks Wayback Machine URL Axios 5/7/2024 Kelly Tyko
Recovered Pages: Computing for Cultural Heritage Student Projects Wayback Machine URL British Library Blog 5/7/2024
OU ends women’s leadership program to comply with Stitt’s executive order against DEI Wayback Machine URL KGOU 5/6/2024 Beth Wallis
Pro-Trump Super PAC Edits Biden's Past Comment About Deportations Wayback Machine URL, TV News Archive URL 5/6/2024 D'Angelo Gore
Why is the simplest explanation of campus protests so hard to accept? TV News Archive, GDELT The Washington Post 5/6/2024 Philip Bump
Robert De Niro clip misrepresented amid pro-Palestinian demonstrations Wayback Machine URL Fact Check 5/6/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
Tesla Now Accepting Dogecoin for Certain Items, DOGE Price Rallies Wayback Machine 5/4/2024 TheNewsCrypto
Tweet Wayback Machine Twitter 5/3/2024 Anna Bower
Trump Hush Money Trial Wayback Machine CNN via Internet Archive TV News Archive 5/3/2024
How Rebel ‘Star Wars’ Fans Saved the Original Movies Internet Archive New York Times 5/3/2024 Sopan Deb
Trump 2016 campaign worried about salacious remarks, aide testifies Wayback Machine Voice of America (VOA News) 5/3/2024 Ken Bredemeier
Paralegal at district attorney's office says she used Wayback Machine to retrieve articles Wayback Machine CNN 5/3/2024 Kara Scannell, Lauren Del Valle, Jeremy Herb, Laura Coates
Noem’s dog-killing isn’t popular, though Trump supporters are divided TV News Archive, GDELT The Washington Post 5/3/2024 Philip Bump
Hope Hicks Delivers Emotionally Gripping Testimony Before Trump Trial Adjourns for Weekend Wayback Machine New York Times 5/3/2024 Jesse McKinley, Kate Christobek
Late Night With The Devil Has No Chance Of Surpassing Its Banned BBC Inspiration usage Screen Rant 5/2/2024 Padraig Cotter
Is George Soros paying campus protesters? What we know usage Politifact 5/2/2024 Madison Czopek
Creator of rabbit AI assistant has hidden NFT past Wayback Machine URL Protos 5/2/2024 Jacob Lyon
Feminism and Its Malcontents in Canadian Universities usage The Good Men Project 5/2/2024 Active History
Real Elon Musk Post About Future Robotic 'Housewife Who Never Nags'? Wayback Machine URL 5/2/2024 Jack Izzo
RaRa Rag 2024-05 : Rochester Amateur Radio Association DLARC Rochester Amateur Radio Association 5/1/2024
Juicy O.J. Tell-All Mysteriously Vanishes From the Internet Wayback Machine URL The Daily Beast 5/1/2024 Corbin Bolies
U.S. News: OSDE denied access to key data, skewing Oklahoma school rankings Wayback Machine URL Oklahoma City 4/30/2024 Spencer Humphrey; KFOR
Altered Time cover spreads after Trump interview Wayback Machine URL Fact Check 4/30/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
How the Biden impeachment push echoes Trump’s effort to retain power TV News Archive capture The Washington Post 4/29/2024 Philip Bump
First post: A history of online public messaging Wayback Machine URL Ars Technica 4/29/2024 Jeremy Reimer
Amateur Radio Weekly issue 329 DLARC Amateur Radio Weekly 4/28/2024 Cale Mooth K4HCK
Why The Internet Archive Is In Danger Right Now... Hachette v. Internet Archive YouTube 4/27/2024 SomeOrdinaryGamers
Why Does the U.S. Arm Ukraine With Fanfare and Israel in Secret? Internet Archive, Wayback Machine The New York Times 4/27/2024 Nicholas Kristof
The Person Saving The Media You Love Is You Internet Archive 4/26/2024 Chris Person
Slotkin's Fake Business Wayback Machine URL NRSC 4/26/2024 Tate Mitchell
Local transplant patient loses $50k in donations he expected for care after nonprofit abruptly closes Wayback Machine URL NBC Connecticut 4/26/2024 Caitlin Burchill
Video of Palestinian flag atop Egyptian pyramid is manipulated Wayback Machine URL Fact Check 4/25/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
Video of Biden gesturing to Florida crowd misrepresented online Wayback Machine URL Fact Check 4/25/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
Image of Stormy Daniels in mushroom dress is altered Wayback Machine URL Fact Check 4/25/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
OSHIT: Seven Deadly Sins of Bad Open Source Research Wayback Machine URL 4/25/2024
Up From Underground: The IUMA Story Internet Archive, Jason Scott Good Times 4/24/2024 Mat Weir
The Internet Archive's last-ditch effort to save itself Hachette v. Internet Archive Lunduke 4/24/2024 Bryan Lunduke
Over 9,200 Vintage Short Films Available Online for Free Internet Archive, Prelinger Archives My Modern Met 4/24/2024 Sarah Currier
Image site Abload going offline reminds me of how much online content we've permanently lost Wayback Machine URL TechRadar 4/24/2024 Allisa James
Financial Times, Reuters Pull Saudi Aramco-sponsored Climate Content Wayback Machine URL DeSmog 4/23/2024 Joey Grostern
There's More to Copyright Than Financial Incentives, Internet Archive Argues in Court Hachette v. Internet Archive TF Publishing 4/23/2024 Ernesto Van der Sar
Online Censorship in Schools Leaves Teachers in the Lurch, Too Internet Archive Themarkup 4/23/2024 Tara García Mathewson
Open Internet, web scraping, and AI: the unbreakable link Hachette v. Internet Archive TechRadar pro 4/23/2024 Julius Cerniauskas
Twitter community note TV News Archive Twitter 4/22/2024 polished shoreline hawk
Posts falsely claim Trump skipped daughter's commencement Wayback Machine URL Fact Check 4/22/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
Internet Archive Files Final Appeal Brief in Book Scanning Case Hachette v. Internet Archive 4/22/2024 Andrew Albanese
Preamble and Articles of Association for the Free African Society (U.S. National Park Service) Internet Archive, National Park Service 4/22/2024
The History of Aruba—and All of Our Websites—Is at Risk Aruba, Internet Archive, Lawsuits Slate 4/21/2024
ZKasino Rug Pull Scandal: $32 Million Ethereum at Risk Wayback Machine Be In Crypto 4/20/2024 Oluwapelumi Adejumo
ZKasino is under scrutiny after users face withdrawal issues Wayback Machine 4/20/2024 Julius Mutunkei
FactChecking Biden's Swing-State Stops in Pennsylvania Wayback Machine, TV News Archive 4/19/2024 D'Angelo Gore, Eugene Kiely, Lori Robertson
The Internet Archive Files Reply Brief in Lawsuit Appeal (Hachette Book Group, et al, v. Internet Archive) Hachette v. Internet Archive Library Journal infoDOCKET 4/19/2024 Gary Price
Webster Proposes Requiring Greater Clarity on County Election Website Addresses to Negate Scams Wayback Machine URL PoliticsPA 4/18/2024 Sy.Snyder
US military training footage misrepresented after Iran assault on Israel Wayback Machine URL Fact Check 4/18/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
Pegasus Investigation Committee’s Website Has Removed Depositions And Replaced With Spam Wayback Machine BOOM 4/18/2024 Abir Dasgupta
Election Commission of India’s website blocked for users abroad Wayback Machine The Hindu 4/18/2024 Aroon Deep
How to escape the surveillance state: Building your own server Wayback Machine, Moderation Blaze Media 4/17/2024 Chris Rudzki
Revisiting the first video game websites from the dark ages Wayback Machine 4/17/2024 Alexis Ong
Fake Trump statement offering coin investment spreads online Wayback Machine URL Fact Check 4/15/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
Video shows Louis Tomlinson fans in Argentina, not panicked Israelis Wayback Machine URL Fact Check 4/15/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
Democratic-aligned voter registration website harvests personal data for partisan, political messaging Wayback Machine Broad and Liberty 4/15/2024 Todd Shepherd
iPhone's First Approved Game Boy Emulator Reveals a Tricky Apple Problem Wayback Machine Inverse 4/15/2024 Trone Dowd
RFK Jr campaign aide revealed as attendee of Jan 6 ‘Stop the Steal’ rally for Trump Wayback Machine 4/15/2024 Martha McHardy
Zero Retries 0147 DLARC Zero Retries 4/12/2024 Steve Stroh N8GNJ
OpenAI Fires Researchers for Leaking Information Wayback Machine Futurism 4/12/2024 Noor Al-Sibai
How the internet is deleting the past | Blaze Media Wayback Machine Blaze Media 4/12/2024 Katherine Dee
Apple is now blaming mercenaries after warning iPhone users about a 'state-sponsored' cyberattack Wayback Machine Quartz 4/11/2024 Maxwell Zeff
Duke ends full-ride scholarship program for select Black students in wake of affirmative action ruling Wayback Machine The Chronicle 4/10/2024 Mia Penner April
The Internet Archive is now hosting Aruba’s history Internet Archive, Aruba The Verge 4/10/2024 Wes Davis
Internet Archive now official custodian of Aruba's entire history Internet Archive, Aruba ReadWrite 4/10/2024 Suswati Basu
Labyrinth will no longer supply books for Princeton courses Wayback Machine The Princetonian 4/9/2024 Christopher Bao, Annie Rupertus
On the Technical vs. Public Accessibility of Historical Web Content as Patent Prior Art Wayback Machine 4/9/2024 Nicholas Taylor
RFK Jr. campaign official attended Jan. 6 ‘Stop the Steal’ rally and wanted ‘favorite President’ Trump to run for third term | CNN Politics Wayback Machine CNN 4/9/2024 Andrew Kaczynski
Gated Knowledge Is Making Research Harder Than It Needs to Be Wayback Machine Current Affairs 4/9/2024 Current Affairs
Guernica editor Jina Moore quits after magazine retracts Israeli writer's essay Wayback Machine Jewishchron 4/8/2024 Katie Grant
The Internet Archive Just Backed Up an Entire Caribbean Island Internet Archive, Aruba WIRED 4/8/2024 Condé Nast
Zero Retries 0146 DLARC Zero Retries 4/5/2024 Steve Stroh N8GNJ
Bing Search tests removing cache link Wayback Machine Search Engine Land 4/5/2024 Barry Schwartz
FBI Gate Crash Suspect Loved Trump and Pushed QAnon on Social Media Wayback Machine 4/5/2024 Jeremy Childs
MSN Wayback Machine 4/5/2024 Brady Snyder
Fake AI law firms are sending fake DMCA threats to generate fake SEO gains Internet Archive Ars Technica 4/4/2024 Kevin Purdy
Why Nintendo Doesn't Want You Using Emulators To Play Its Games Wayback Machine SlashGear 4/4/2024 David Bixenspan
Fake Lawsuit Threat Exposes Privnote Phishing Sites Wayback Machine Briankrebs 4/4/2024 Brian Krebs
Collapsed Baltimore bridge not featured in Obama-produced movie Wayback Machine URL Fact Check 4/3/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
QAnon believer who crashed SUV into FBI building wrote 'I love you' to Trump Wayback Machine 4/3/2024 Carl Gibson
Collapsed Baltimore bridge not featured in Obama-produced movie Wayback Machine Fact Check AFP 4/3/2024 Multiple people
Here’s a ‘Brand-New’ Massive Multilingual Dataset for Machine Translation Wayback Machine Slator AG 4/3/2024 Maria Stasimioti
Daily Caller Retracts Article That Launched Phony Easter Outrage Cycle Wayback Machine The Daily Beast 4/3/2024 Justin Baragona
Cyberattacks hit businesses linked to House Speaker Martin Romualdez Wayback Machine RAPPLER 4/2/2024 Victor Barreiro Jr.
On The Death Of Library Browsing Hachette v. Internet Archive Scoop Independent News 4/2/2024 Gordon Campbell
Virtual Battlegrounds: Understanding the Online Campaign of Baloch Separatist Groups in Pakistan Internet Archive GNET 4/2/2024 Sajid Aziz
OWASP Foundation warns members of data breach after discovering 1,000 resumes on Wiki server Wayback Machine 4/2/2024 Jonathan Greig
Georgia on My Mind newsletter 2024-04 : ARRL Georgia Section DLARC Georgia on My Mind 4/1/2024
Recent Transmissions #6 DLARC Radio Preservation Task Force 4/1/2024
DLARC Preserves “Ham Radio & More” Radio Show DLARC Tulsa Amateur Radio Club 4/1/2024 W5JHC
Biden Did Not Ban Religion from White House Easter Egg Art Contest, Despite False Reports Wayback Machine 4/1/2024 Jordan Liles
Tennessee’s Failed School Takeover Experiment May Finally Shut Down Wayback Machine Forbes 3/31/2024 Peter Greene
Old Buttigieg comments on race, infrastructure misrepresented after bridge collapse Wayback Machine URL Fact Check 3/29/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
Everything I Know About the XZ Backdoor Wayback Machine, ArchiveTeam Evan Boehs Blog 3/29/2024 Evan Boehs
Old Buttigieg comments on race, infrastructure misrepresented after bridge collapse Wayback Machine Fact Check AFP 3/29/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
Do Jesse Watters’ LGBTQ+ and DEI funding claims add up? Wayback Machine, TV News Archive Politifact 3/29/2024 Grace Abels
Best Buy offers to screen LGBTQ nonprofit donations after conservative pressure, filing shows Wayback Machine NBC News 3/29/2024 Matt Lavietes, Brooke Sopelsa
Cornbread Road. Again. DLARC Zero Retries Newsletter 3/29/2024 Steve Stroh
Byron Donalds, potential VP pick, once attacked Trump and praised outsourcing, privatizing entitlements | CNN Politics Wayback Machine CNN 3/29/2024 Andrew Kaczynski, Em Steck
Google may have accidentally revealed when Apple will add RCS to iPhones Wayback Machine Android Central 3/29/2024 Brady Snyder
Posts baselessly link Obamas to Baltimore bridge collapse Wayback Machine Fact Check AFP 3/28/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
Vultr deletes user data licensing ToS clause after outcry Wayback Machine The Register 3/28/2024 Tobias Mann
Baltimore bridge collapse sparks baseless attack theories Wayback Machine Fact Check AFP 3/27/2024 Daniel FUNKE; Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
Los Angeles Times never published ‘10 facts about illegal immigration’ list Wayback Machine WBIR 3/27/2024 Erin Jones
A pink slime site used AI to rewrite our AI ethics article Wayback Machine The Poynter Institute 3/27/2024 Alex Mahadevan
BBC exterminates AI experiments used to promote Doctor Who Wayback Machine The Register 3/27/2024 Simon Sharwood
A top cyber research agency slowed work on crucial security database without warning Wayback Machine Axios 3/26/2024 Sam Sabin
Third Millennium Thinking': How to use scientific tools to solve everyday problems Wayback Machine WBUR 3/26/2024 Scott Tong, Emiko Tamagawa
Cornbread Road. Again. DLARC 3/25/2024 Jeff Davis
Publishers Secure Widespread Support in Landmark Copyright Battle With Internet Archive Hachette v. Internet Archive TF Publishing 3/25/2024 Ernesto Van der Sar
Social Media Is Not What Killed the Web Wayback Machine The Atlantic 3/25/2024 Ian Bogost
Amicus Briefs Filed in Internet Archive Copyright Case Hachette v. Internet Archive 3/25/2024 Andrew Albanese
A University Librarian Asks: How Do We Rescue the Past? Hachette v. Internet Archive Popula 3/25/2024 Mattia Salvia
270,000 overdose deaths thrust fentanyl into heart of US presidential race TV News Archive Tampa Bay Times 3/23/2024 Riley Griffin, Tanaz Meghjani, Katia Dmitrieva
News/Media Alliance Joins an Amicus Brief in Hachette v. Internet Archive Hachette v. Internet Archive News/Media Alliance 3/22/2024
Massive Pokémon Fan Game Site Taken Down Without Warning Via DMCA Wayback Machine Yahoo Tech 3/22/2024 Zack Zwiezen
270,000 Overdose Deaths Thrust Fentanyl Into Heart of US Presidential Race TV News Archive, GDELT Bloomber 3/21/2024 Riley Griffin, Tanaz Meghjani, Katia Dmitrieva
Doctored girls water polo photo pushes anti-trans sentiment Wayback Machine Fact Check 3/21/2024 Bill MCCARTHY
Banned Parler app back in the App Store, amid ownership mystery Wayback Machine 9To5Mac 3/21/2024 Ben Lovejoy
Posts mislead on temporary NYC school closure to shelter migrants Wayback Machine Fact Check 3/20/2024 Bill MCCARTHY
Podcast #337 - Catching up on Radio News including LPFM, a College Radio Archive, Documentaries, and More DLARC Radio Survivor 3/20/2024 Jennifer Waits
A History of the Academy’s Digital Presence Wayback Machine NYAS - New York Academy of Sciences 3/20/2024 Nick Fetty
Video of Marjorie Taylor Greene altered to add 'bloodbath' sign Wayback Machine Fact Check 3/19/2024 Bill MCCARTHY
Moms for Liberty candidates won less elections in 2023, but is winning the group’s goal? Wayback Machine Yahoo News 3/19/2024 Rachel Barber
The Foilies 2024: Recognizing the worst in government transparency Internet Archive, FOIAonline Sacramento News & Review 3/18/2024
US Publishers File Brief Opposing Internet Archive’s Appeal Hachette v. Internet Archive Publishing Perspectives 3/18/2024 Porter Anderson
Congress Should Reject Bill To Let Private Groups Control Access To U.S. Laws Internet Archive, Indiana Supreme Court, PRO Codes Act Republic Report 3/18/2024 David Halperin
Why is Klaus Schwab’s website quietly delisting the names of his American allies? Wayback Machine AmericanThinker 3/18/2024 Olivia Murray
From the Edges of a Broken World Internet Archive / Wayback Machine Washington Monthly 3/18/2024 Joanna Chen
Publishers Cite Napster and AI Training Threats in Legal Battle with the Internet Archive Hachette v. Internet Archive, AI TF Publishing 3/18/2024 Ernesto Van der Sar
Publishers Invoke Napster, AI Threats in Battle with Internet Archive Hachette v. Internet Archive, AI Cryptopolitan 3/18/2024 John Palmer
Yes, fast food prices have risen faster than inflation over the last 15 years Wayback Machine KYTX 3/18/2024 Emery Winter
Internet Archive's Brewster Kahle on AI for Digital Libraries Internet Archive, AI for libraries The New Stack 3/17/2024 David Cassel
Remember When the U.S. Secretly Built a Social Network to Destabilize Cuba? Wayback Machine Yahoo Tech 3/15/2024 Matt Novak
AAP: “Publishers File Brief Opposing Internet Archive Appeal of Loss” (Hachette Book Group, et al, v. Internet Archive) Hachette v. Internet Archive Library Journal infoDOCKET 3/15/2024 Gary Price
Publishers’ reply brief in Hachette v. Internet Archive: First Impressions Hachette v. Internet Archive Kyle K. Courtney 3/15/2024 Kyle K. Courtney
Zero Retries 0143 DLARC Zero Retries 3/15/2024 Steve Stroh N8GNJ
Publishers File Appeal Brief in Internet Archive Copyright Suit Hachette v. Internet Archive Publishers Weekly 3/15/2024 Jim Milliot
IP Forecast: Internet Archive Fights Vinyl Copyright Case Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Law360 3/14/2024 Lex Machina
Israeli soldiers photo doctored with Islamic State group flag Wayback Machine Fact Check 3/14/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
GOP nominee to run North Carolina public schools called for violence against Democrats, including executing Obama and Biden Wayback Machine CNN 3/14/2024 Andrew Kaczynski, Em Steck
Digital Resources for a Free Palestine: A Roundup Wayback Machine Institute for Public Affairs 3/14/2024 Iman Husain
Who Deletes a Blog? Wayback Machine, Internet Archive Discourse Blog 3/13/2024 Jack Crosbie
Pink Drainer creator defends his wallet draining crypto scam kit Wayback Machine Cointelegraph Magazine 3/13/2024 Yohan Yun
Turkish president's confidant predicted NATO's 2nd largest military would be transformed into caliphate army Wayback Machine Nordic Research Monitoring Network 3/13/2024 Abdullah Bozkurt
“StoneToss” Tossed: Hans Kristian Graebener of Spring, TX Wayback Machine 3/12/2024 Ancoco
Archiving History in Real Time: Newspaper Collections at the Internet Archive Internet Archive, Newspaper Collections OUP Academic 3/12/2024 Kahle; Brewster; Bailey; Lila
Literary Magazine Retracts Israeli Writer’s Essay as Staffers Quit Wayback Machine The New York Times 3/12/2024 Marc Tracy
IFCN has announced its largest grants of 2023: Meet the winners Wayback Machine, Internet Archive The Poynter Institute 3/12/2024 The International Fact-Checking Network
After a writer expressed sympathy for Israelis in an essay, all hell broke loose at a literary journal Wayback Machine Los Angeles Times 3/12/2024 Jenny Jarvie
New Mexico Republican Leaves Anti-Abortion Past Off Campaign Website Wayback Machine HuffPost 3/11/2024 Arthur Delaney; Daniel Marans
Guernica magazine retracts Israeli writer's coexistence essay that co-publisher called an ‘apologia for Zionism’ Wayback Machine Jewish Telegraphic Agency 3/11/2024 Andrew Lapin
Upstarts Challenge a Foundation of Modern Investing Wayback Machine Bloomberg 3/11/2024 Mary Childs, Justina Lee
Tech time travel: Check out what the Internet used to look like in the ‘90s Wayback Machine The Star 3/11/2024 Christopher Fam
An obsessed insect hunter: The creepy-crawly origins of daylight savings Internet Archive BBC 3/11/2024 India Bourke
Fact-checking Pete Buttigieg on stock market’s rise Wayback Machine Politifact 3/10/2024 Louis Jacobson
Elon Musk Has a Giant Charity. Its Money Stays Close to Home. Wayback Machine The New York Times 3/10/2024 David A. Fahrenthold, Ryan Mac
Study finds that we could lose science if publishers go bankrupt Wayback Machine, Internet Archive Ars Technica 3/8/2024 John Timmer
Barnard quietly revises Student Code of Conduct webpage, students face more disciplinary proceedings for campus activism Wayback Machine Columbia Daily Spectator 3/8/2024 Maya Stahl
Cypherpunks (and Women) Write Code: Jude Milhon and Community Memory Internet Archive Hackernoon 3/8/2024 Obyte
Google Cache Is Gone: How to View Archived Versions of a Website Wayback Machine PCMag 3/7/2024 Jason Cohen
[UPDATED] Another lost Cold War document: Zhou Enlai’s March 8, 1952 denunciation of U.S. germ warfare Internet Archive MR Online 3/7/2024 Jeffrey S. Kaye
Elon Musk Deletes Tweet Attacking Jeff Bezos' Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott Wayback Machine HuffPost 3/7/2024 Kelby Vera
Elon Musk Deletes Post Slamming Jeff Bezos’ Ex-Wife, MacKenzie Scott Wayback Machine Yahoo News 3/7/2024 Dan Ladden-Hall
The California Senate race wasn’t ‘rigged’ either TV News Archive, GDELT The Washington Post 3/7/2024 Philip Bump
Elon Musk Deletes Post Slamming Jeff Bezos’ Ex-Wife Wayback Machine The Daily Beast 3/7/2024 Dan Ladden-Hall
Road & Track removed Kate Wagner's Formula One story shortly after publishing Wayback Machine Awful Announcing 3/6/2024 Sean Keeley
For the Record: The battle to preserve the online archives of now-shuttered newsrooms Wayback Machine MuckRock Foundation 3/6/2024 Kelly Kauffman
Gaza as Twilight of Israel Exceptionalism: Holocaust and Genocide Studies from Unprecedented Crisis to Unprecedented Change Wayback Machine Journal of Genocide Research 3/5/2024 Raz Segal, Luigi Daniele
Responsible AI at the Vanderbilt Television New Archive: A Case Study Internet Archive Journal of eScience Librarianship 3/5/2024 Clifford Blake Anderson, Jim Duran
‘I’m cooked’: Expert shares how people can find your deleted social media posts with this tool Wayback Machine The Daily Dot 3/5/2024 Rachel Kiley
Why a Fox News pundit may not have heard bad news about Trump TV News Archive, GDELT The Washington Post 3/5/2024 Philip Bump
A socialist writer skewered the Formula One scene. Then her article vanished. Wayback Machine The Washington Post 3/5/2024 Will Sommer
Fox News Guest Repeats False Story About 100 Migrants Attacking Guard at Chicago Home Depot TV News Archive 3/4/2024 Jordan Liles
How did school board candidates endorsed by Moms for Liberty perform in 2023? Wayback Machine, Internet Archive Brookings 3/4/2024 Rachel M. Perera, Jon Valant, Nicolas Zerbino, Brock Schultz
Hacking the Hackers Wayback Machine The Wire China 3/3/2024 Ella Apostoaie
A WordPress ‘Firehose’ Allows AI Companies to Buy Access to a Million Posts a Day Wayback Machine 404 Media 3/1/2024 Jason Koebler
Cascaded Semantic Fractionation for identifying a domain in social media TV News Archive, GDELT Frontiers 3/1/2024 James Danowski, Ken Riopelle, Bei Yan
Maria Bartiromo hyped the false Biden-bribe story hundreds of times TV News Archive The Washington Post 3/1/2024 Philip Bump
Fact Check: Aaron Bushnell Did NOT Comment On Reddit 'Palestine Will Be Free When All The Jews Are Dead' Wayback Machine Lead Stories LLC 3/1/2024 Alexis Tereszcuk
‘Illegal immigrants’ can’t vote in New York City elections TV News Archive Politifact 2/29/2024 Madison Czopek
Behold the lost Technologizer columns Wayback Machine Technologizer by Harry McCracken 2/29/2024 Harry McCracken
X quietly reinstates ‘misgendering’ rules a year after Musk ended policy Wayback Machine Washington Examiner 2/29/2024 Christopher Hutton
Columbia University Hospital DEI Chief Is Serial Plagiarist, Complaint Alleges Wayback Machine Washington Free Beacon 2/29/2024 Aaron Sibarium
After Prigozhin, Russia clamps down online TV News Archive, GDELT Atlantic Council 2/29/2024 mkaylward
The birth of Fox News’s ‘migrant crime’ obsession TV News Archive, GDELT The Washington Post 2/29/2024 Philip Bump
North Korea's Kim Jong Un stamps out hopes of unification with South Wayback Machine Newsweek 2/29/2024 Micah McCartney
E-book lending boom in US pits publishers against libraries Internet Archive, Hachette v. Internet Archive Gulf Times 2/29/2024 Carey L Biron Washington
Sen. Wyden Exposes Data Brokers Selling Location Data to Anti-Abortion Groups That Target Abortion Seekers Wayback Machine Electronic Frontier Foundation 2/27/2024 Adam Schwartz
The VGHF built an archive of gaming history — and is making it available online Internet Archive The Verge 2/27/2024 Ash Parrish
Task force recommends Smithsonian return more human remains Wayback Machine VPM 2/27/2024 Elliot C. Williams
This time, Trump’s going to have to pay his own bills Wayback Machine The Washington Post 2/27/2024 Philip Bump
Patent Poetry: Just Because It’s on the Internet Doesn’t Mean It’s “Publicly Accessible” Wayback Machine JD Supra 2/27/2024 Adam Philipp
Super-Dumb Trump Lawyer Burned By Own Burner Account Wayback Machine Wonkette 2/27/2024 Gary Legum
Trump did not shove man in Mar-a-Lago video clip Wayback Machine Fact Check AFP 2/26/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
Creepy Crawlers: Most Top Sites Are Blocking Them, Especially OpenAI Wayback Machine Mediapost 2/26/2024 Ray Schultz
Why is an Indian court order determining what you can read on the internet? Wayback Machine The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression 2/26/2024 Sarah McLaughlin
What FBI informant’s indictment means for Biden impeachment Wayback Machine, TV News Archive Politifact 2/26/2024 Madison Czopek
Trump coup-plotter reportedly lied to prosecutors about secret Twitter account Wayback Machine Daily Kos 2/26/2024 Mark Sumner
Trump Ally Chesebro Hid Social Media Account From Investigators, Report Says Wayback Machine Forbes 2/26/2024 Molly Bohannon by Internet Archive – search for GIFs scraped off geocities sites GifCities, Internet Archive Hacker News Post 2/26/2024
Trump’s rhetoric about immigrant crime has finally convinced his party TV News Archive, GDELT The Washington Post 2/26/2024 Philip Bump
Key figure in fake electors plot concealed damning posts on secret Twitter account from investigators Wayback Machine CNN 2/26/2024 Em Steck, Andrew Kaczynski, Marshall Cohen, Allison Gordon
RIP Lew Rose, Early Internet Pioneer Who Went On To Lead Major Law Firm Wayback Machine LawSites 2/23/2024 Bob Ambrogi
Zero Retries 0140 DLARC Zero Retries 2/23/2024 Steve Stroh N8GNJ
Why Sites Like Gawker and the Messenger Go Blank—and Why It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way Internet Archive, Wayback Machine Slate 2/23/2024 Scott Nover
Internet Archive’s crackle based ‘fair use’ defence in copyright case is perverted, say labels Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project CMU 2/23/2024 Chris Cooke
Will the Economy Favor Biden or Trump? Paul Krugman Weighs In. Wayback Machine The New York Times 2/23/2024 Michelle Cottle, Ross Douthat, Carlos Lozada
Donald Trump event footage altered to include Kanye West song Wayback Machine Fact Check AFP 2/22/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
Interviews with 'lying' FBI informant erased from Republican's Biden impeachment website Wayback Machine Raw Story - Celebrating 20 Years of Independent Journalism 2/22/2024 Sarah K. Burris
Record Labels: 'Hisses & Crackles' Are No License to Copy & Digitize Old Records Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project TF Publishing 2/22/2024 Ernesto Van der Sar
How to freeze-dry a website Wayback Machine Technologizer by Harry McCracken 2/22/2024 Harry McCracken
Secret world of China's international hacking networks exposed: Major leak reveals how state surveils dissidents overseas, launches cyberattacks other nations and uses propaganda on social media Wayback Machine Daily Mail 2/22/2024 Peter Hess
The Internet Archive Provides a Model of Free Knowledge for All Hachette v. Internet Archive Jacobin 2/22/2024 Bette Adriaanse
Left-leaning NC organizations receive $1M in ‘civic engagement’ grants Wayback Machine The North State Journal 2/22/2024 A P Dillon
How many news websites block AI crawlers? Wayback Machine Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism 2/22/2024 Dr Richard Fletcher
Trump Repeats Many Claims in Fox News Town Hall Wayback Machine 2/21/2024 Lori Robertson, Eugene Kiely, Robert Farley, D'Angelo Gore
A mysterious blood clot, the missing body, and murderous Western spies: The Russian state continues to lie about Navalny’s death Wayback Machine The Insider 2/21/2024 The Insider
A Landmark Victory: Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Champions Copyright in Digital Age Hachette v. Internet Archive BNN 2/21/2024 Nitish Verma
US e-book lending boom pits publishers against libraries Hachette v. Internet Archive Context 2/21/2024 Carey L. Biron
KFC ad misinterpreted online, stirring false Israel-Hamas claims Wayback Machine Fact Check AFP 2/20/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
How Chinese censorship is going global—with help from US companies Wayback Machine Newsweek 2/20/2024 Didi Kirsten Tatlow
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Zero Retries 0139 DLARC, Wayback Machine Browser Extension Zero Retries 2/17/2024 Steve Stroh N8GNJ
A now-indicted FBI informant was at the 'heart' of the GOP's case against Joe Biden TV News Archive NBC News 2/16/2024 Carey L. Biron
Which came first, the Biden age concerns or the coverage of them? TV News Archive, GDELT The Washington Post 2/16/2024 Philip Bump
Remember the ‘Biden bribe’ allegation? DOJ now says it was made up. TV News Archive, GDELT The Washington Post 2/15/2024 Philip Bump
Congress Can End Pandemic-Spawned Web Welfare Wayback Machine National Review 2/15/2024 Dominic Pino
Elon Musk’s X Will Give Blue Checks to Anyone, Even Terrorist Leaders Wayback Machine Gizmodo 2/15/2024 Maxwell Zeff
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The contrived Mayorkas impeachment checked three GOP boxes TV News Archive, GDELT The Washington Post 2/14/2024 Philip Bump
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Senator: This Data Broker Tracked User Visits to 600 Planned Parenthoods Wayback Machine PCMag 2/13/2024 Michael Kan
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Firehouse Five and the Cinderella Surprise Internet Archive 2/13/2024 Christopher Timothy Willis
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Trump's Distorted NATO 'Delinquent' Comments Wayback Machine 2/12/2024 Robert Farley, Eugene Kiely
Two Weeks of Chaos Wayback Machine TPM 2/12/2024 Josh Kovensky
Reimagining Heritage: Global Museums and Archives Convention in Cape Town Wayback Machine, Internet Archive BNN 2/12/2024 Israel Ojoko
Zero Retries 0138 DLARC Zero Retries 2/10/2024 Steve Stroh N8GNJ
Photo of 'Captain America' star misrepresented amid Gaza conflict Wayback Machine Fact Check AFP 2/9/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
Post of conservative commentator criticizing Grammys performance is fake Wayback Machine Fact Check AFP 2/9/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
Living in a ‘digital dark age’ Internet Archive The Namibian 2/9/2024 Esperanza Miyake
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Right-wing rhetoric got a guy from the Bronx roughed up in Times Square TV News Archive, GDELT The Washington Post 2/8/2024 Philip Bump
Youngsuk 'YS' Chi Elected as Chair of the Association of American Publishers Hachette v. Internet Archive BNN 2/8/2024 Dil Bar Irshad
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23 Alternative Search Engines You Can Use Instead Of Google Internet Archive Search Engine Journal 2/8/2024 Chuck Price
Now that Google cache functionality is disappearing, how can you consult web archives? Wayback Machine, Google Cache The Star 2/7/2024 David Benard
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Google’s Decision to End Webpage Caching: Implications and Alternatives Wayback Machine, Google Cache Medium 2/7/2024 Sai Krupa Goli
North Korea has demolished its monument to reunification but it can’t fully erase the dream Wayback Machine The Conversation 2/6/2024 David Hall
Wheaton College president pushes back on Fox News op-ed saying school has gone 'woke' Wayback Machine The Christian Post 2/5/2024 Ryan Foley
Google Cache is dead - long live the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, Google Cache Yahoo News 2/5/2024 DPA
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Google Retires Cached Site Links, Pushing Users Towards Internet Archive Wayback Machine, Google Cache Search Engine Journal 2/5/2024 Matt G. Southern
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Google Has Officially Killed Cache Links Wayback Machine, Google Cache Gizmodo Australia 2/4/2024 Thomas Germain
Facebook turns 20: How the social media giant grew to 3 billion users Wayback Machine Al Jazeera 2/4/2024 Marium Ali
Biden Makes False Claim About Jan. 6 Capitol Attack Wayback Machine 2/2/2024 D'Angelo Gore
Trump-backed OH Senate candidate blamed him for Jan 6th in deleted posts, tied Trump’s popularity to “ignorance” Wayback Machine CNN 2/2/2024 Andrew Kaczynski, Em Steck
Zero Retries 0137 DLARC Zero Retries 2/2/2024 Steve Stroh N8GNJ
So Long to the Google Cache, Time to Consider the Wayback Machine Browser Extension/Add-On (If You’re Not Already Using It) Wayback Machine Browsesr Extension Library Journal infoDOCKET 2/2/2024 Gary Price
Trump-backed OH Senate candidate blamed him for Jan 6th in deleted posts, tied Trump’s popularity to “ignorance” Wayback Machine CNN 2/2/2024 Andrew Kaczynski, Em Steck
CNN Philippines' social media and website were deleted following the shutdown Wayback Machine GIZGUIDE | Your Gadget Coach 2/2/2024 Peter Paul
Google Search is losing its 'cached' web page feature Wayback Machine, Google Cache Engadget 2/2/2024 Steve Dent
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Google Search officially retires cache link Wayback Machine, Google Cache Search Engine Land 2/1/2024 Barry Schwartz
A Startup Allegedly ‘Hacked the World.’ Then Came the Censorship—and Now the Backlash Wayback Machine WIRED 2/1/2024 Andy Greenberg
Sorry Appin, We’re Not Taking Down Our Article About Your Attempts To Silence Reporters Wayback Machine Techdirt 2/1/2024 Mike Masnick
Can This A.I.-Powered Search Engine Replace Google? It Has for Me. Internet Archive, Wayback Machine The New York Times 2/1/2024 Kevin Roose
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Grantee Update: Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications (DLARC) Preserves Radio Show DLARC Amateur Digital Radio Communications 1/30/2024
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90s Era "Ham Radio and More" Radio Show Preserved by DLARC DLARC Hamweekly 1/30/2024 K4HCK Cale
Video shows 2022 US trucker caravan, not 'Take Our Border Back' convoy Internet Archive USA TODAY 1/30/2024 Andre Byik
Bay Area tech worker admits to stealing and selling MacBooks worth $535,800 Wayback Machine SF Gate 1/30/2024 Stephen Council
Internet Archive Seeks Dismissal of Great 78 Project Copyright Suit Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Digital Music News 1/30/2024 Dylan Smith
Music Labels 'Gramophone' Copyright Lawsuit Comes Too Late, Internet Archive Says Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Torrentfreak 1/30/2024 Ernesto Van der Sar
After 32 years, one of the ’Net’s oldest software archives is shutting down Internet Archive Ars Technica 1/29/2024 Benj Edwards
PTAB: Merely Showing That a Reference Was Available on the Internet Does Not Establish ‘Public Accessibility’ Wayback Machine Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP 1/29/2024 Megan R. Mahoney, Matthew George Hartman, Rubén H. Muñoz
What happened to Elise Stefanik’s statement on the Jan. 6 attack? Wayback Machine 1/29/2024 Steve Benen
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Elise Stefanik's Press Release Archive Vanishes After Liz Cheney Jab Wayback Machine Yahoo News 1/27/2024 Sara Boboltz
No government program for free internet and tablet, contrary to viral claim Wayback Machine USA TODAY 1/26/2024 BrieAnna J Frank
*Update* Guess Who’s Back (Back Again): Researcher Once Again Relies on Debunked Research to Make Same Incorrect Lifecycle Emissions Claims Wayback Machine Energy In Depth 1/26/2024 Mandi Risko
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Trump's 'Day One' Remark to 'Dictator' Question Referenced the Southern Border and Oil Drilling TV News Archive 1/24/2024 Jordan Liles
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Investors Poured Millions Into Her Fashion Brand. Then It All Fell Apart. Wayback Machine The Wall Street Journal 1/23/2024 Chavie Lieber
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How a Judge in India Prevented Americans From Seeing a Blockbuster Report Wayback Machine Politico 1/19/2024 Michael Schaffer
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Several LSU schools scrub diversity content within same few weeks; here's what we know Wayback Machine The Reveille, LSU's student newspaper 1/18/2024 Oliver Butcher, Cross Harris, Claire Sullivan
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A leak-hosting site looks to thaw the chill of censorship Wayback Machine Columbia Journalism Review 1/18/2024 Mathew Ingram
Donald Trump post saying he marched with MLK is fake Wayback Machine Fact Check AFP 1/17/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
Dean Phillips drops DEI from campaign website Wayback Machine Washington Examiner 1/17/2024 Eden Villalovas
List of comic artists used by Midjourney AI Wayback Machine Popverse 1/17/2024 Fran Ruiz
CCSD brass accused of using burner account to publicly criticize union Wayback Machine Channel 13 Las Vegas News KTNV 1/17/2024 Alyssa Roberts
LSU walks back DEI, removes 'Dismantling the System' videos from website Wayback Machine CampusReform 1/17/2024 Patrick McDonald
The Harriet Tubman? The Anne Frank? House Layout Names Draw Criticism Wayback Machine The New York Times 1/16/2024 Remy Tumin
Mom says Broomfield driving school falsely claimed to use police instructors Wayback Machine Denver 7 Colorado News (KMGH) 1/16/2024 Jessica Porter
Raffensperger Distorted Georgia Law After I Uncovered Illegal Votes Wayback Machine The Federalist 1/16/2024 Mark Davis
PR giant Edelman worked with Koch network, despite climate pledges Wayback Machine The Guardian 1/16/2024 Dharna Noor
Filecoin Launches Ecosystem Explorer, Featuring Detailed Info On 3,000+ Projects Democracy's Library CoinCodex 1/15/2024 Adnan Tunçtürk
Undated Screenshot Insufficient to Prove Public Accessibility of GitHub Repository Wayback Machine JD Supra 1/15/2024 Robert Breetz
Google Inks Deal to Pay Wikipedia for Content Displayed in its Search Wayback Machine BNN Breaking 1/15/2024 BNN Correspondents
OpenAI's policy no longer explicitly bans the use of its technology for 'military and warfare' Wayback Machine Engadget 1/14/2024 Mariella Moon
Coming of Age at the Dawn of the Social Internet Wayback Machine The New Yorker 1/13/2024 Kyle Chayka
Video shows Biden quoting gospel song, not plagiarizing Hillary Clinton Wayback Machine Fact Check AFP 1/12/2024 Bill MCCARTHY; AFP USA
OpenAI Quietly Deletes Ban on Using ChatGPT for “Military and Warfare” Wayback Machine The Intercept 1/12/2024 Sam Biddle
How 'grammatical hysteria' helped take down Harvard's Claudine Gay Wayback Machine The Philadelphia Inquirer 1/12/2024 Jeffrey Barg, The Grammarian
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Nathan Wade’s Wife Subpoenas Georgia DA Fani Willis in ‘Contentious’ Divorce Wayback Machine Heavy 1/10/2024 Jessica McBride
X removes support for NFT profile pictures Wayback Machine TechCrunch 1/10/2024 Ivan Mehta
Bill Ackman Refutes Plagiarism Claims Against Wife, Says He Didn't Use Wikipedia As Source But For Definition Of 15 Words Wayback Machine Benzinga 1/10/2024 Ananya Gairola
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Elon Musk Backs Internet Archive in Legal Battle: A Stand for Digital Information Access Internet Archive, Elon Musk, Hachette v. Internet Archive BNN Breaking 1/5/2024 Shivani Chauhan
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Betrayed by MAGA, former Queen Creek militia leader faces prison over Jan. 6 Wayback Machine Copper Courier 1/4/2024 Camaron Stevenson
Elon Musk Extends Support To Internet Archive Despite The Differences: ‘Has A Ton Of Negative BS But…’ Internet Archive, Elon Musk, Hachette v. Internet Archive Mashable India 1/4/2024 James Paul
Analysis | Pro-Haley ad puts words in DeSantis’s mouth as rivals trade China barbs Wayback Machine The Washington Post 1/4/2024 Glenn Kessler
Court Docs Reveal Midjourney Wanted to Copy the Style of These Photographers Wayback Machine PetaPixel 1/3/2024 Matt Growcoot
Steamboat Willie, no!': Memes of Disney's original version of Mickey Mouse committing atrocities flood the web after copyright expires Public Domain, Internet Archive, Chris Freeland The Daily Dot 1/2/2024 Mikael Thalen
‘Steamboat Willie’ Copyright Expires After 95 Years And The Internet Is Already Going To Town Public Domain, Internet Archive, Chris Freeland The Daily Caller 1/2/2024 Julianna Frieman
The oldest-known version of MS-DOS’s predecessor has been discovered and uploaded Internet Archive Ars Technica 1/2/2024 Andrew Cunningham
Continued Massacres of Christians in Nigeria Ensured by Citizen Disarmament Wayback Machine AmmoLand Shooting Sports News 1/2/2024 David Codrea
In U-turn, Hong Kong Department of Justice deletes national security case index from website Wayback Machine Hong Kong Free Press HKFP 1/2/2024 Tom Grundy
Oldest known version of DOS unearthed – MS-DOS ancestor 86-DOS version 0.1 C is now available on the Internet Archive Internet Archive Tom's Hardware 1/2/2024 Mark Tyson
Proposta per distinguere il Sapere umano da quello artificiale Internet Archive Scacco al Web 1/1/2024 Vedi tutti gli articoli di ebisenzi
The ARChive of Contemporary Music and Its Search for a New Home Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Chronogram Magazine 1/1/2024 Peter Aaron
A beginners’ guide to Covid, Part 7: Flu deaths v Covid-19 deaths in 2020 - The Conservative Woman Wayback Machine The Conservative Woman 1/1/2024 Paul Weston
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Authors & Copyright Scholars Back 'Internet Archive' in Landmark Legal Battle * TorrentFreak Hachette v. Internet Archive TF Publishing 12/22/2023 Ernesto Van der Sar
PolitiFact - Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign of conspiracy theories: PolitiFact’s 2023 Lie of the Year Wayback Machine Politifact 12/21/2023 Madison Czopek, Katie Sanders
Public Knowledge Joins Amicus Brief Defending Controlled Digital Lending and Consumer Privacy Hachette v. Internet Archive Public Knowledge 12/21/2023 Shiva Stella
Conservatives bemoan disappearance of OPM official time docs Wayback Machine Government Executive 12/20/2023 Erich Wagner
New York Times Doxxes Source Trafficked by Chinese Gang Wayback Machine The Intercept 12/20/2023 Nikita Mazurov
Dream Refutes Grooming Allegations In Response Video Wayback Machine Spiel Times 12/20/2023 Kairavi Pandya
CAIR quietly scrubs Democrats' praise for group after blowback over leader's pro-Hamas comments Wayback Machine Fox News 12/20/2023 Joe Schoffstall; Aubrie Spady
Harvard appears to delete then republish two DEI-related web pages Wayback Machine CampusReform 12/20/2023 Brendan McDonald
Crime Rates Plummeted in 2023 Despite GOP Narrative TV News Archive, GDELT MeidasTouch Network 12/19/2023 Troy Matthews
Massive TestFlight 'Teraleak' Leak Includes Thousands of Classic iOS Apps and Games Internet Archive, TestFlight 12/19/2023 Juli Clover
Proceed With Caution When Using Wayback Machine® Prior Art | JD Supra Wayback Machine JD Supra 12/19/2023 John Marlott
Internet Archive Files Opening Brief In Its Appeal Of Book Publishers’ Win Hachette v. Internet Archive Techdirt 12/18/2023 Mike Masnick
KQED Newscast Hachette v. Internet Archive KQED Newscast 12/18/2023
Internet Archive: Digital Lending is Fair Use, Not Copyright Infringement * TorrentFreak Hachette v. Internet Archive TF Publishing 12/18/2023 Ernesto Van der Sar
Game preservationists dig for lost apps in TestFlight “teraleak” Internet Archive, TestFlight The Verge 12/18/2023 Jay Peters
Trump defends former influencer convicted of election interference who has racist, antisemitic past Wayback Machine CNN 12/18/2023 Andrew Kaczynski, Allison Gordon, Em Steck
Crime is down, though Fox News viewers might not be aware TV News Archive, GDELT The Washington Post 12/18/2023 Philip Bump
Trump defends former influencer convicted of election interference who has racist, antisemitic past Wayback Machine FOX 40 12/18/2023 Andrew Kaczynski, Allison Gordon, Em Steck
Internet Archive appeals book publishers’ copyright suit Hachette v. Internet Archive World Intellectual Property Review 12/18/2023 Sarah Speight
Internet Archive Seeks Reversal in Book Scanning Suit Hachette v. Internet Archive Publishers Weekly 12/18/2023 Andrew Albanese
Hachette v. Internet Archive: All Our Coverage Hachette v. Internet Archive Publishers Weekly 12/18/2023 PW Staff
Anthony Albanese denounced Scott Morrison’s secrecy – but now he’s perpetuating it Wayback Machine The Guardian 12/17/2023 Paul Karp
Harvard Scrubs Webpage For Identity Group Celebrations Wayback Machine The Daily Wire 12/17/2023 Daniel Chaitin
Internet Archive Appeals Publisher Lawsuit: Digital Rights Case You Probably Haven't Heard About Hachette v. Internet Archive Twitchy 12/16/2023 Amy Curtis
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Digital Lending Doesn't Infringe Book Publishers' Copyright, Internet Archive Argues Hachette v. Internet Archive Mediapost 12/15/2023 Wendy Davis
Marketing Company Claims They Can Listen to You Through Your Phone Wayback Machine The Messenger 12/15/2023 Abubakar Idris
Year in Review: 2023 TV News Archive Columbia Journalism Review 12/15/2023 Jon Allsop
Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2407 for Friday December 15th, 2023 — Amateur Radio Newsline DLARC Amateur Radio Newsline 12/14/2023 Kevin Trotman
Zelenskyy did not buy a $20 million Florida mansion; property is still for sale | Fact check Internet Archive USA Today 12/14/2023 Joedy McCreary
GOP senators press for report on ‘official time’ use by federal unions Wayback Machine Federal Times 12/14/2023 Molly Weisner
FALSE: This video does not show the Igbo community performing a skull surgery Internet Archive PesaCheck 12/13/2023 Naomi Wanjiku
San Francisco Health Department Confirms Website Scam That Sold Sex Pills, Fake Pee Wayback Machine The San Francisco Standard 12/13/2023 Josh Koehn
Avery Dame-Griff Is Archiving the Trans Internet Internet Archive Autostraddle 12/12/2023 Lauren Herold
To whom will Republican lawmakers listen, Zelensky or Republican voters? TV News Archive, GDELT The Washington Post 12/12/2023 Philip Bump
E-books are fast becoming tools of corporate surveillance Internet Archive, Hachette v. Internet Archive Fast Company 12/12/2023 Lia Holland, Jade Pfaefflin Bounds
Supreme Court Expert Joins Jack Smith’s Team for Trump Case Wayback Machine The Messenger 12/11/2023 Darren Samuelsohn
UNLV gunman resigned as tenured professor after making sexual comment in class, former student says Wayback Machine NBC News 12/11/2023 Antonio Planas, Melissa Chan
UNLV gunman takes down 'content of envelopes' published on website before shooting Wayback Machine KRXI 12/11/2023 Brett Forrest
Employees with ties to SPLC-designated extremist group found in Cobb schools district office Wayback Machine Cobb County Courier 12/11/2023 Rebecca Gaunt
Bitcoin’s bounce ‘still early innings’ Wayback Machine Fox News Business 12/10/2023 Suzanne O'Halloran
The White House partnered with CAIR to fight antisemitism — despite its antisemitism Wayback Machine New York Post 12/8/2023 Hussain Abdul-Hussain
San Francisco’s Health Department Website Links to Sex Pills, Fake Pee To Beat Drug Tests Wayback Machine The San Francisco Standard 12/8/2023 Josh Koehn
PolitiFact - DeSantis and Haley’s back and forth over bathroom bills in fourth GOP primary debate TV News Archive Politifact 12/7/2023 Grace Abels
Nicolas Cage debunks decades-old myth about San Francisco classic 'The Rock' Wayback Machine SF Gate 12/7/2023 Dan Gentile
Anthony Hopkins Said, ‘What People Say About Me is None of My Business’? Wayback Machine Snopes 12/7/2023 Madison Dapcevich
The lost Game Boy demo that convinced Nintendo that 3D was possible has been discovered Internet Archive Softonic 12/6/2023 Álvaro Arbonés
The Fourth G.O.P. Debate: Insults Fly and Candidates Clash With Time Running Out Before Iowa TV News Archive The New York Times 12/6/2023 Staff
Bridget Ziegler, wife of Florida GOP chair, resigns from Leadership Institute: sources Wayback Machine Florida’s Voice 12/6/2023 Owen Girard
Fertility doctor surrenders license after woman accuses him of using his sperm to inseminate her Wayback Machine Law&Crime 12/6/2023 Brandi Buchman
Authenticity In The AI Content Era Will Not Come Cheap Wayback Machine Forbes 12/6/2023 Subramaniam Vincent
Sending magazines to the Internet Archive @internetarchive Internet Archive, Physical Donation Soft Solder 12/5/2023 Ed Nisley
No, the man who died after the Arlington home explosion wasn't posting to YouTube after his death Wayback Machine WUSA 12/5/2023 David Lippman
State Commission Alleges That Cruise Withheld Evidence, Misled Public in Pedestrian-Dragging Incident Wayback Machine SFist 12/5/2023 Joe Kukura
What to know about Illinois’ assault weapons ban Wayback Machine 25 News Now 12/5/2023 Andrew Adams
Amazon on the hook for predictably revolting use of concealed clothes hook spy cam Wayback Machine The Register 12/5/2023 Thomas Claburn
Trump has recaptured cable TV’s attention TV News Archive, GDELT, Internet Archive Columbia Journalism Review 12/4/2023 Meghnad Bose, Matthew Danbury, Dhrumil Mehta
Ousted propaganda scholar Joan Donovan accuses Harvard of bowing to Meta Wayback Machine The Washington Post 12/4/2023 Joseph Menn
This Top Congressional Candidate Doesn't Want You To Know He Was a Personal Injury Lawyer Wayback Machine The Washington Free Beacon 12/4/2023 Meghan Blonder
Keir Starmer quietly takes down ‘10 pledges’ webpage promoted during leadership campaign Wayback Machine indy100 12/3/2023 Liam O'Dell
Jerusalem Post Retracts Article Claiming That Dead Palestinian Baby Was a Doll Wayback Machine Daily Beast 12/2/2023 Noah Kirsch
Trump’s avalanche of dishonesty: Fact-checking 102 of his false claims from this fall TV News Archive CNN 12/1/2023 Daniel Dale
Woman Who Claims Scholastic Book Fairs Gave Her Porn Addiction Works for Right Wing Children’s Publisher Wayback Machine Houston Press 12/1/2023 Jef Rouner
Nonprofit puts ‘motherlode’ of Maryland historical records online for anyone to view Internet Archive, Maryland State Archives The Baltimore Banner 12/1/2023 Penelope Blackwell
See the evolution of lies in George Santos’s campaign biography Wayback Machine The Washington Post 12/1/2023 Azi Paybarah, Luis Melgar, Tyler Remmel
Tufts University Student Group Honors Palestinian 'Martyrs'—Including Hamas Terrorists Who Died Attacking Israel Wayback Machine The Washington Free Beacon 12/1/2023 Jessica Costescu
Evidence lacking for 'crisis actor' claims about Palestinian in Gaza TV footage TV News Archive PolitiFact 11/30/2023 Marta Campabadal Graus
Did Anthony Bourdain Call Henry Kissinger a ‘Treacherous, Prevaricating, Murderous Scumbag’? Internet Archive Snopes 11/30/2023 Nur Ibrahim
Social media posts Trump claimed were made by judge's wife were not made by her, court says Wayback Machine CBS News 11/30/2023 Jacob Rosen, Graham Kates, Olivia Rinaldi
Buffy Sainte-Marie's claims of Cree ancestry and birth on Sask. First Nation removed from her website Wayback Machine CBC News 11/30/2023 Geoff Leo
From Newsstands to Archives Internet Archive The McGill Daily 11/29/2023 Editorial Board
The Palestinian Internet of the 90s Is Being Preserved, One GIF at a Time Internet Archive, GifCities Vice 11/29/2023 Janus Rose
Microsoft decomissions Technet Wiki, will go read-only on December 5, 2023 Wayback Machine 11/29/2023 Taras Buria
One Viral Internet Mystery Just Got Harder to Research Wayback Machine 11/29/2023 Russ Burlingame
Fox News accused of staging fake arrest in Israel, but raw footage shows the real story Internet Archive, TV News Archive Politifact 11/28/2023 Jeff Cercone
Yes, Hobby Lobby stopped selling Hanukkah merchandise Wayback Machine VERIFY 11/28/2023 Emery Winter
See history online with the new Pittsburgh City Archives Digital Collections website Internet Archive 11/28/2023 Atiya Irvin-Mitchell
Reports that Sports Illustrated used AI-generated stories and fake authors are disturbing, but not surprising Wayback Machine Poynter 11/28/2023 Tom Jones
Google Play keeps banning the same web browser due to vague DMCA notices Wayback Machine Ars Technica 11/27/2023 Jon Brodkin
Sports Illustrated deletes articles published under fake author names and AI-generated profile photos Internet Archive CNN 11/27/2023 Liam Reilly
‘Eaten by the Internet’: A New Publication on Infrastructure Internet Archive Center for Technology and Democracy 11/27/2023 Mallory Knodel, Jamal Magby
‘Sports Illustrated’ Reportedly Used AI-Generated Authors Wayback Machine The Daily Beast 11/27/2023 Alex Nguyen
The Day The Tyee Was Born I Wrote This Wayback Machine The Tyee 11/27/2023 David Beers
On fostering creative community Hachette v. Internet Archive The Creative Independent 11/27/2023 Max Freedman
Israeli software company opens propaganda site Wayback Machine URL Yahoo News 11/26/2023 Adam Schrader
Israeli software company opens propaganda site Wayback Machine Yahoo Finance 11/26/2023 Adam Schrader
Uluslararası Stratejik İletişim Zirvesi'nde “Stratejik İletişimin Yeni Çıkmazları: Bilgi Güvenliği ve Şeffaflık” paneli yapıldı GDELT HABER1.COM 11/25/2023
The Maryland Motherlode: Births, Marriages, Deaths, and Naturalizations Internet Archive, Maryland State Archives Reclaim The Records 11/24/2023
OCC Ex-Fintech Chief's Fake Resume, DUIs Raise Fresh Questions Wayback Machine Fintech Business Weekly 11/24/2023 Jason Mikula
Jason Aldean Song Triggered Renewed Attention On Racist Vigilante Justice And Small-Town Nationalism Internet Archive, Open Library Talking Points Memo 11/24/2023 Joseph Patrick Kelly
House Speaker Mike Johnson Spent Years Defending Christian Speech In Public Schools Internet Archive HuffPost 11/24/2023 Jennifer Bendery
Dbrand is suing Casetify for ripping off its Teardown designs Wayback Machine The Verge 11/24/2023 Emma Roth
Valley native saves music history Internet Archive The Vindicator 11/24/2023 Andy Gray
Google Removed The Robots FAQs Document Wayback Machine Search Engine Roundtable 11/24/2023 Barry Schwartz
Former OpenAI staffers slam CEO Sam Altman in new tell-all letter Wayback Machine 11/23/2023 Stefanie Schappert
This Archive Offers an Incredible Window Into the Early Trans Internet Internet Archive Them 11/22/2023 Samantha Riedel
Twitter Community Note Wayback Machine Twitter 11/22/2023 attentive seashore jay
Cruz Distorts Facts on Biden Support for Israel Wayback Machine, TV News Archive 11/21/2023 Eugene Kiely
A brief look at the history of OpenAI’s board Wayback Machine, Internet Arc TechCrunch 11/21/2023 Kyle Wiggers
House Dem Leaves Progressive Caucus In Break Over Israel Wayback Machine The Daily Wire 11/21/2023 Daniel Chaitin
Mike Johnson’s America: Revisit landmark SCOTUS decisions and use government to ‘restrain evil’ Wayback Machine CNN 11/21/2023 Andrew Kaczynski, Curt Devine
"A Potato That Wasn't A Christian" is a 1960 pamphlet that's not as funny as it sounds Wayback Machine Boing Boing 11/21/2023 Thom Dunn
Most American K-12 Students Can’t Afford Working Computers Internet Archive Medium 11/20/2023 Kaden Tang
Far-right conspiracy theorists accused a 22-year-old Jewish man of being a neo-Nazi. Then Elon Musk got involved Wayback Machine CNN 11/20/2023 Donie O'Sullivan, Audrey Ash
Israelis Hijack, Turning It Into a Display of October 7 Atrocities Wayback Machine Haaretz 11/20/2023 Sam Sokol
You can finally buy FFXIV’s controversial pizza emote for $7 Wayback Machine PCGamesN 11/20/2023 Will Nelson
Long Strange Tape Internet Archive 99 Percent Invisible Podcast 11/19/2023 99PI Staff
Are Pics of Bin Laden Posing with Obama, Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton Real? Wayback Machine Snopes 11/19/2023 Aleksandra Wrona
The war in Ukraine is losing focus. Putin fills the gap with lies and disinformation TV News Archive, GDELT, Internet Archive Netherlands Posts English 11/18/2023 Annette
Television market size and political accountability in the U.S. House of Representatives TV News Archive European Journal of Political Economy 11/17/2023 Patrick Balles, Ulrich Matter, Alois Stutzer
Putin’s brutal war on Ukraine vanishes from news coverage amid raging conflict in Gaza TV News Archive CNN 11/17/2023 Oliver Darcy
Utah-based online marketplace, meant to empower women’s business, goes dark Wayback Machine The Salt Lake Tribune 11/17/2023 Shannon Sollitt
These Are The People That Fired OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Wayback Machine Forbes 11/17/2023 Alex Konrad, Sarah Emerson
ZR > BEACON DLARC Zero Retries Newsletter 11/17/2023 Steve Stroh
Putin’s brutal war on Ukraine vanishes from news coverage amid raging conflict in Gaza TV News Archive, GDELT, Internet Archive Yahoo Finance 11/17/2023 Analysis by Oliver Darcy
CNN alters controversial homicide arrest headline after saying Jewish protester 'fell and hit his head' Wayback Machine Fox News 11/17/2023 Lindsay Kornick
Columbia updated its event policy webpages. Twelve days later, it suspended SJP and JVP. Wayback Machine Columbia Spectator 11/17/2023 Sarah Huddleston
Dozens of Children Died in Hamas’ Oct. 7 Attack on Israel, Contrary to Online Claim Wayback Machine 11/16/2023 Saranac Hale Spencer
Homeland Security updates AI inventory with multiple immigration-related use cases Wayback Machine Fedscoop 11/16/2023 Rebecca Heilweil
Putin's Fight Out of Sight TV News Archive Reliable Sources Newsletter 11/16/2023 Oliver Darcy
Fears surge that radical Islamist terrorists will target the U.S. TV News Archive, GDELT, Internet Archive The Washington Post 11/16/2023 Philip Bump
‘No one else is saving it’: the fight to protect a historic music collection Internet Archive The Guardian 11/16/2023 David Smith
WATCH: An unfiltered look at queer life in 1960s San Francisco, from leather bars to gay beaches Internet Archive Queerty 11/15/2023 Cameron Scheetz
Did Mark Twain Say 'No Amount of Evidence Will Ever Persuade an Idiot'? Wayback Machine Snopes 11/14/2023 Jordan Liles
Evaluating Social Media Reach via Mainstream Media Discourse TV News Archive Old Dominion University 11/14/2023 Himarsha Jayanetti
The PC Gamer website through the decades, from the '90s to today Wayback Machine PC Gamer 11/14/2023 Tyler Wilde
Tesla hits reverse on threat to sue Cybertruck resellers Wayback Machine TechCrunch 11/14/2023 Harri Weber
Airbnb acquires secretive firm launched by Siri co-founder Wayback Machine TechCrunch 11/14/2023 Kyle Wiggers
Petit Jean park domain name now registered in Ukraine Wayback Machine Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 11/14/2023 Bill Bowden
WordPress CEO Matt Mullenweg Wants You to Think About Your Digital Future Wayback Machine Observer 11/14/2023 Alexandra Tremayne-Pengelly
What’s Web 3.0 and is it really necessary? Wayback Machine Medium 11/14/2023 Himanshu Parti
Remedy's free-to-play multiplayer game is going back to the drawing board for a 'reboot' as a premium game Wayback Machine PC Gamer 11/13/2023 Andy Chalk
Unraveling the Origins of the Internet: Who Really Invented It? Internet Archive Truth or Fiction 11/12/2023
Over 60,000 Bitcoin millionaires emerge in 2023, 3x more since January Wayback Machine Finbold 11/12/2023 Justinas Baltrusaitis
How did Sam Bankman-Fried attract investors? Well, Fomo probably helped Wayback Machine The Guardian 11/11/2023 John Naughton
Russian propagandists fabricate publication by Ukrainska Pravda Wayback Machine Ukrinform 11/11/2023 Andriy Olenin, Ivan Kosiakin
Episode 475 - Kay Savetz - k6KJN DLARC QSO Today 11/11/2023 Kay Savetz
What’s New at DLARC - November 2023 DLARC Zero Retries Newsletter 11/10/2023 Kay Savetz
Universal Orlando partner accidentally leaks new hotel coming to Epic Universe theme park Wayback Machine Orlando Weekly 11/10/2023 Chelsea Zukowski
Arizona fake electors led vocal campaign to overturn the 2020 election – they’re now part of a ‘robust’ state investigation Wayback Machine CNN 11/10/2023 Andrew Kaczynski, Em Steck, Kyung Lah
Old Yemen, Gaza explosion photos falsely linked to US strikes in Syria Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 11/9/2023 Kate TAN
Laser Versus Parchment: Doomsday for the Disc Internet Archive Cautionary Tales 11/9/2023 Tim Harford
NBC hosts a GOP debate — and its right-wing misinformation TV News Archive, GDELT, Internet Archive The Washington Post 11/9/2023 Philip Bump
New Atrium prescription delivery service policy blocks parental access Wayback Machine North State Journal 11/9/2023 A.P. Dillon
Homeland Security adds facial comparison, machine learning uses to AI inventory Wayback Machine Fedscoop 11/9/2023 Madison Alder, Rebecca Heilweil
Silent Hill: The Short Message is an “Exploration-Based Psychological Horror Game,” as Per Australian Ratings Board Wayback Machine Gaming Bolt 11/8/2023 Shubhankar Parijat
Colorado couple arrested in connection with funeral home where 189 bodies found Wayback Machine USA Today 11/8/2023 Krystal Nurse
The Golden Age Of Gadget Catalogs Internet Archive Hackaday 11/8/2023 Jenny List
Al Jazeera pulls video of show in which Saudi-Israel normalisation labelled 'suicidal' Wayback Machine Middle East Eye 11/8/2023 Dania Akkad
Clip shows teenager in West Bank hospital, not faked injuries in Gaza Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 11/7/2023 Nahiara S. ALONSO
Podcast #335 – Digital Library of Amateur Radio and Communications DLARC Radio Survivor 11/7/2023 Jennifer Waits
CNN and Fox News are deepening the political divide, AI study claims Internet Archive, TV News Archive StudyFinds 11/7/2023 StudyFinds Staff
Jerusalem Post deletes article about 'how to use wartime stress to lose weight' Wayback Machine Daily Mail 11/7/2023 Perkin Amalaraj
Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post deletes article about ‘how to use wartime stress to lose weight’ Wayback Machine New York Post 11/7/2023 Ariel Zilber
Hacked Website Disavowed by ARPD Wayback Machine Alameda Post 11/7/2023 Adam Gillitt
No Change in George Floyd’s Cause of Death, Despite Viral False Claims Wayback Machine 11/6/2023 Saranac Hale Spencer
Generative AI Is Data-Hungry: Is the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Over? Internet Archive Spiceworks 11/6/2023 Stephen Marcinuk
Twitter Desperately Trying to Sell Off Inactive Usernames Wayback Machine The Byte 11/6/2023 Noor Al-Sibai
10 Websites That Give You Superpowers! Internet Archive Times Now News 11/6/2023 TN Tech Desk
A Scholarly Scoundrel and a Monkish Detective Internet Archive, Open Library The New York Times 11/4/2023 Molly Young
Regional Rap Classics Are Slowly Disappearing From the Internet Internet Archive, DatPiff Pitchfork 11/3/2023 Alphonse Pierre
Why the U.S. border wall is getting more and more popular TV News Archive, GDELT Good Authority 11/3/2023 Michael Tesler
Christian counseling website run by Mike Johnson's wife taken down after HuffPost report Wayback Machine The Christian Post 11/3/2023 Ryan Foley
California Senate hopeful Rep. Adam Schiff claimed primary residences in Maryland and California Wayback Machine CNN 11/3/2023 Andrew Kaczynski, Em Steck
Queens Councilwoman Vickie Paladino’s campaign downplays aide’s history of inflammatory, bigoted social media posts Wayback Machine Daily News 11/2/2023 Chris Sommerfeldt
Oath Keepers Have Never Been What Government and Media Have Accused Them Of Wayback Machine Ammoland 11/2/2023 David Codrea
Ford snaps up EV power startup to boost its charging tech Wayback Machine Yahoo Finance 11/1/2023 Harri Weber
Apple no longer offers the Apple Music Voice Plan Wayback Machine The Verge 11/1/2023 Jay Peters
Another mystery song. There’s no way to identify this, is there? Internet Archive A Journal of Musical Things 11/1/2023 Alan Cross
"Sean Hannity's statement is controversial and could be interpreted as promoting violence" Internet Archive Daily Kos 10/31/2023 CA148 NEWS
An Early Charlotte Brontë Story Speaks to the Author’s Lifelong Fascination With the Supernatural Internet Archive Smithsonian Magazine 10/31/2023 V.M. Braganza
Sex-obsessed site run by House Speaker's wife suddenly goes dark Wayback Machine Boing Boing 10/31/2023 Mark Frauenfelder
Posts falsely claim video shows Egyptians supplying water to Palestinians Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 10/30/2023 Tonye BAKARE, Sarah KHORCHI
Video game preservation: Is the industry torching its own legacy? Internet Archive, museum of abandoned video games 10/30/2023 Keumars Afifi-Sabet
Mike Johnson’s Wife Takes Down Website That Compared Being Gay To Bestiality, Incest Wayback Machine Huffington Post 10/30/2023 Jennifer Bendery
All Access Internet Archive, Whole Earth Catalog Daily Kos 10/29/2023 Crashing Vor
Pic Shows 18-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger and a Classmate of the Same Age? Wayback Machine Snopes 10/28/2023 Aleksandra Wrona
The Denver Art Museum has been quietly removing plundered artworks from its website without explanation Wayback Machine Greeley Tribune 10/28/2023 Sam Tabachnik
Wine Harvest Season with KTVU TV News Archive Napa Valley Grapegrowers 10/27/2023
How to know when it’s politically acceptable to discuss guns TV News Project The Washington Post 10/27/2023 Philip Bump
Google returning AI nonsense in search highlights Internet Archive, Wayback Machine Boing Boing 10/27/2023 Rob Beschizza
A year later, Musk’s X is tilting right. And sinking. Wayback Machine The Washington Post 10/27/2023 Will Oremus, Elizabeth Dwoskin, Sarah Ellison, Jeremy B. Merrill
Deleted tweets show Minneapolis council candidate's shift on police issues Wayback Machine Axios 10/27/2023 Torey Van Oot
New speaker of the House Mike Johnson once wrote in support of the criminalization of gay sex Wayback Machine CNN 10/27/2023 Andrew Kaczynski, Allison Gordon
The ongoing terror of mass-shooting incidents TV News Archive The Washington Post 10/26/2023 Philip Bump
Privacy advocate challenges YouTube's ad blocking detection scripts under EU law Wayback Machine The Register 10/26/2023 Thomas Claburn
A Visit to the Physical Internet Archive Internet Archive, Physical Archives The New Stack 10/26/2023 Richard MacManus
A CNN történész szakértőjének háta mögött a falon az MDF híres Tovarisi, konyec! plakátja lógott TV News Archive HVG 10/25/2023
Meta says it locked pro-Palestinian accounts after signs of security compromise Wayback Machine NBC News 10/25/2023 David Ingram
Visit the Library From the Comfort of Your Own Phone Internet Archive The New York Times 10/25/2023 J. D. Biersdorfer
NY Times Tried To Block The Internet Archive Internet Archive TechDirt 10/25/2023 Glyn Moody
A Free Digital Archive of Graphic Design: A Curated Collection of Design Treasures from the Internet Archive Internet Archive Collections Open Culture 10/25/2023 Ayun Halliday
The grassroots push to digitize India’s most precious documents Digitization, Internet Archive MIT Technology Review 10/25/2023 Ananya
A Close Look at Some Key Evidence in the Gaza Hospital Blast TV News Archive The New York Times 10/24/2023 Aric Toler, Haley Willis, Riley Mellen, Alexander Cardia, Natalie Reneau, Julian E. Barnes, Christoph Koettl
The New York Times offers a limited mea culpa for how it initially presented news of the Gaza hospital blast Wayback Machine NiemanLab 10/23/2023 Joshua Benton
Previously hidden Cyber Ninjas texts revealed in Republic records lawsuit over 'audit' Wayback Machine The Arizone Republic 10/23/2023 Robert Anglen, Ryan Randazzo
Sam Altman’s Worldcoin Doesn’t Want Americans to Read This Blog Post Wayback Machine Gizmodo 10/23/2023 Thomas Germain
Legit Discovers “AI Jacking” Vulnerability in Popular Hugging Face AI Platform Wayback Machine Security Boulevard 10/23/2023 Legit Security
Metropolitan Faces Fed & NYDFS Enforcement Action, Must Pay Combined $30 Million Penalty Wayback Machine Fintech Business Weekly 10/22/2023 Jason Mikula
Best Safari extensions for iPhone, iPad, and Mac in 2023 Wayback Machine Extension 9to5Mac 10/22/2023 Arin Waichulis
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This internet music service started the revolution 30 years ago Internet Archive Fast Company 10/21/2023 Janko Roettgers
A new crop of GOP Senate candidates grapples with Trump-skeptical pasts TV News Archive NBC News 10/20/2023 Henry J Gomez
The ‘new elites’ of X: Identifying the most influential accounts engaged in Hamas/Israel discourse Wayback Machine Center for Informed Public 10/20/2023 Mike Caulfield, Mert Can Bayar, Ashlyn B. Aske
All of the Whole Earth Catalog Is Now Available Online for Free Internet Archive, Whole Earth Catalog 10/19/2023 Jason Kottke
Mainstream media, elected officials feed misinformation in Israel-Hamas war Wayback Machine Media Nation 10/19/2023 Dan Kennedy
An unprecedented water line in an unprecedented place Wayback Machine AZPM 10/19/2023 Danyelle Khmara
Was a 'Children of Darkness' Post Deleted from Israel PM Netanyahu's X Account? Wayback Machine Snopes 10/18/2023 Jordan Liles
The perils of never questioning what Jim Jordan says TV News Archive, GDELT, Internet Archive The Washington Post 10/18/2023 Philip Bump
Institutional Consequences of the Black Lives Matter Movement: Towards Diversity in Elite Education TV News Archive Political Studies Review 10/18/2023 Mathis Ebbinghaus, Sihao Huang
Why Did Exxon Take Down a Webpage Attacking Its Critics? Wayback Machine Who What Why 10/17/2023 Emily Sanders
Grateful Dead, Smashing Pumpkins, Jack Johnson, and more: You can watch 250,000+ concerts free through this site Live Music Archive The Manual 10/17/2023 Dannielle Beardsley
Customers outraged over Winklevoss twins’ secret $282M crypto withdrawal: ‘You didn’t tell anyone’ Wayback Machine New York Post 10/17/2023 Thomas Barrabi
OpenAI has quietly changed its core values, and being 'thoughtful' and 'audacious' no longer makes the cut Wayback Machine Yahoo News 10/17/2023 Kai Xiang Teo
BART once had an employee-only magazine. Someone just digitized 87 editions. Internet Archive, BART SF Gate 10/16/2023 Timothy Karoff
Despite Fox News’s pre-midterm obsession, violent crime was down in 2022 TV News Archive, GDELT, Internet Archive The Washington Post 10/16/2023 Philip Bump
A New Online Archive Lets You Read the Whole Earth Catalog and Other Whole Earth Publications, Taking You from 1970 to 2002 Internet Archive, Whole Earth Catalog Open Culture 10/16/2023 Colin Marshall
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The Whole of the Whole Earth Catalog Is Now Online Internet Archive, Whole Earth Catalog Wired 10/13/2023 Boone Ashworth
A Lavishly Illustrated Catalog of All Hummingbird Species Known in the 19th Century Gets Restored & Put Online Internet Archive Open Culture 10/12/2023 Colin Marshall
Forgive student loan debt from public colleges and universities Wayback Machine Politifact 10/10/2023 Louis Jacobson
One of Marjorie Taylor Greene's top priorities in a new speaker is advancing a bill to restrict trans children and adults from receiving gender-affirming care TV News Archive Insider 10/10/2023 Madison Hall
You Can Make Ham History DLARC Classic RAIN Hamcast 10/9/2023 Hap Holly
Fake White House document distorts US aid to Israel Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 10/9/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
FACT CHECK: Video Claiming To Show Israeli Kids In Cages Predates Hamas Attack Wayback Machine Check Your Fact 10/9/2023 Elias Atienza
The US library system, once the best in the world, faces death by a thousand cuts Libraries, Brewster Kahle, Hachette v. Internet Archive The Guardian 10/9/2023 Brewster Kahle
A Spy Thriller and a Prismatic Look at Light Internet Archive, Open Library The New York Times 10/7/2023
Biden Once Said Obama Was a Black Man Who Was 'Articulate and Bright and Clean'? TV News Archive Snopes 10/6/2023 Jordan Liles
Jim Jordan is a constant Fox News presence. Is that enough? TV News Archive, GDELT, Internet Archive The Washington Post 10/6/2023 Philip Bump
Trump civil trial judge smeared with false alcohol claims Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 10/5/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Doctored photo of Patrick McHenry spreads after US House upheaval Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 10/5/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Media Coverage of Ukraine War Dwindles GDELT RealClearPolitics 10/5/2023 Kalev Leetaru
Is California’s COVID-era rent relief program running out of money? Wayback Machine CalMatters 10/5/2023 Ben Christopher
Some of the Most Interesting and Weird Manuals in the Internet Archive Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communication (DLARC), DLARC Manual Sorting 10/5/2023 Jason Kottke
President Biden Deletes Inaccurate Tweet Touting Cap Of $2,000 Per Month On Prescriptions Wayback Machine Forbes 10/5/2023 Matt Novak
Conservative Politicians, Commentators Recirculate Old Falsehood on Aid for Immigrants Wayback Machine 10/4/2023 Saranac Hale Spencer
Wrapping up our NEH-funded project to help text and data mining researchers navigate cross-border legal and ethical issues Internet Archive 10/4/2023 Rachael G Samberg, Timothy Vollmer
Comparing Wayback Machine Copies of ReadWriteWeb to Old Screenshots Wayback Machine Cybercultural 10/4/2023 Richard MacManus
Texas Democrat running to unseat Ted Cruz secured $1M for group that hosts drag shows for youth Wayback Machine Yahoo News 10/3/2023 Kyle Morris
5 Hidden Brave Browser Features You Should Use Wayback Machine Lifehacker 10/3/2023 Pranay Parab
How America’s First Banned Book Survived and Became an Anti-Authoritarian Icon Internet Archive Smithsonian Magazine 10/2/2023 Colleen Connolly
Mayo Clinic didn’t ‘quietly’ update its website to say hydroxychloroquine can treat COVID-19 Wayback Machine VERIFY 10/2/2023 Megan Loe
Don’t Let Zombie Zoom Links Drag You Down Internet Archive Krebson Security 10/2/2023 Brian Krebs
2023-11 Squelch Tales DLARC Newsletter from the Merrymeeting Amateur Radio Association 10/1/2023 Merrymeeting Amateur Radio Association
‘Scanning is the new spinning’ for this Gandhian literature initiative Internet Archive, Book Digitization The Hindu 10/1/2023 Jahnavi T.R.
The Coincidences Behind Canada’s Nazi-Honoring Debacle Are Deeply Unsettling Internet Archive Jacobin 9/30/2023 Jeremy Appel
Online Posts Misrepresent Purpose of USDA Community Garden Database Wayback Machine 9/29/2023 Allison Santa-Cruz
Why Have Conservatives Started Being So Critical of China? Wonders Oblivious Washington Post Columnist TV News Archive, GDELT, Internet Archive Mediaite 9/29/2023 Isaac Schorr
Iowa bank exec disciplined by Federal Reserve, accused of forging USDA official's signature Wayback Machine Des Moines Register 9/29/2023 Galen Bacharier
Viral claim misrepresents Mayo Clinic guidance on hydroxychloroquine | Fact check Wayback Machine USA Today 9/28/2023 Joedy McCreary
GOP Senate candidate Dave McCormick drops 'pro-life' rhetoric from his website as party strategists urge shift on abortion messaging Wayback Machine Business Insider 9/28/2023 Bryan Metzger
The rise of ‘Chinese Communist Party’ as a pejorative TV News Archive, GDELT, Internet Archive The Washington Post 9/28/2023 Philip Bump
VERIFYING claims from the second Republican presidential primary debate Wayback Machine VERIFY 9/28/2023 VERIFY Staff
Biden Taps Anti-Cop Activist To Lead White House Gun Violence Office Wayback Machine The Washington Free Beacon 9/27/2023 Joseph Simonson
Berlin Officials Are 'Offering' Children a 'Pro-Prostitution Picture Book'? Wayback Machine Snopes 9/27/2023 Aleksandra Wrona
The Media Falls for Trump’s Labor Lies Wayback Machine New York Magazine 9/27/2023 Sarah Jones
Offering Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelan migrants does not ‘grant voting rights’ TV News Archive Politifact 9/26/2023 Madison Czopek
Image of US senator protesting dress code changes is fake Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 9/26/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Dark defaults: How choice architecture steers political campaign donations Wayback Machine PNAS 9/26/2023 Nathaniel Posner, Andrey Simonov, Kellen Mrkva, Eric J. Johnson
A lost first-person ‘Pokémon’ game has been restored Internet Archive NME 9/25/2023 Imogen Donovan
Billionaire T. Denny Sanford Cut From The Giving Pledge After Child Porn Probe Documents Released Wayback Machine Forbes 9/25/2023 Jemima McEvoy
A Tricky New Way to Sneak Past Repressive Internet Censorship Wayback Machine Wired 9/25/2023 Justin Ling
Tucker Carlson Speaks Out About 'New' Primetime Show in Russia TV News Archive Newsweek 9/25/2023 Aleks Phillips
Ramaswamy campaign defends former CEO’s ‘awakening’ on China after 2018 partnership with CCP-backed firm Wayback Machine The Globe Echo 9/25/2023 Zoey Khalid
Flight accident footage shows video game simulation, not crashed F-35 Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 9/22/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Fake Times Square billboard circulates as Zelensky visits US Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 9/22/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
‘Completely Absurd’: Tucker Carlson Says He Has Nothing to Do With Bizarre Promo Airing on Russian TV TV News Archive Mediaite 9/22/2023 Aidan McLaughlin, Phillip Nieto
Interview: Lost In Cult On Its New Book A Handheld History, Game Preservation, And Nostalgia Internet Archive The Gamer 9/22/2023 Rebecca Phillips
Jack Smith adds war crimes prosecutor — his deputy from the Hague — to special counsel team Wayback Machine Yahoo News 9/22/2023 Kyle Cheney
Ashton Kutcher's Bizarre Anti-Trafficking Ad with Donald Trump Resurfaces Wayback Machine Newsweek 9/22/2023 Ryan Smith
‘Special interest alien’ designation is based largely on a person's country of origin, experts say TV News Archive, Wayback Machine Politifact 9/21/2023 Madison Czopek
30 years of the web down under: how Australians made the early internet their own Internet Archive, Wayback Machine The Conversation 9/21/2023 Kieran Hegarty
The world's most famous magician invests in data storage startup that wants to send 100GB disks to the Moon for future humanoids The Internet Archive, Arch Mission Foundation Tech Radar 9/21/2023 Keumars Afifi-Sabet
Here are the documents the Google antitrust trial judge didn’t want you to see Wayback Machine The Verge 9/21/2023 Adi Robertson
10 years on, the Internet Archive now offers over 250,000 emulated games and programs that run in your browser Internet Archive's The Emulation Station BetaNews 9/20/2023 Wayne Williams
Posts Misleadingly Equate Gun Case Against Hunter Biden With Rapper Kodak Black Wayback Machine 9/19/2023 Saranac Hale Spencer
Launching Impeachment Inquiries: Reviewing What Happened in 2019 and 2023 Wayback Machine, TV News Archive 9/19/2023 D'Angelo Gore
Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communication Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communication (DLARC) The Oracle by Silver Springs Radio Club 9/19/2023 Marty Brown
Justice Department and Google spar over public access to antitrust trial files Wayback Machine The Verge 9/19/2023 Adi Robertson
Kevin McCarthy and his caucus contest valuable terrain: Attention TV News Archive, GDELT, Internet Archive The Washington Post 9/19/2023 Philip Bump
Anti-Vaxxers: Give Us Liberty or Give Us Death Wayback Machine The Bulwark 9/19/2023 Bill Lueders
Largest share of foreign payments went to Biden associates, not kin, House GOP memos show Wayback Machine Politifact 9/18/2023 Louis Jacobson, Madison Czopek
Las Vegas Review Journal Caught in Coverup, attempting to make themselves the story! Wayback Machine Network in Vegas 9/18/2023
It’s magic – the Billion Year Archive’s nickel hyper-DVD Internet Archive Blocks & Files 9/18/2023 Chris Mellor
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250,000+ Concert Recordings Are Free to Download Through Live Music Archive Live Music Archive The Modern Met 9/18/2023 Margherita Cole
Transcribing 9.5M Minutes Of Global Television News Through Google's Chirp TV News Visual Explorer GDELT Project Blog 9/18/2023 Kalev Leetaru
Zombie Media at the Superior Public Library Sale Old Time Radio Archive Perfect Duluth Day 9/17/2023 David Beard
LDS Church takes down articles promoting Tim Ballard, Operation Underground Railroad Wayback Machine Fox 13 9/17/2023 Adam Herbets
New York Times Doesn’t Want Its Stories Archived Internet Archive, Wayback Machine The Intercept 9/17/2023 Nikita Mazurov
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Is Congress Running An IT Cell Website From China? A FactCheck Wayback Machine BOOM 9/16/2023 Nivedita Niranjankumar, Sujith
Deceptively edited US Capitol attack footage refuels FBI conspiracy theories Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 9/15/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Packet Radio Magazine Issues Now Online Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communication (DLARC), Packet Radio Magazine (PRM) Zero Retries Newsletter 9/15/2023 Steve Stroh
Literary history of the text message conversations in Apple ads Wayback Machine Boing Boing 9/15/2023 Rob Beschizza
UAW Temporarily Loses Twitter Verification as Union Strikes Against Big Three Wayback Machine The Intercept 9/15/2023 Ryan Grim, Ken Klippenstein
United States Criminal Justice, Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications, Content Blocking, More: Friday ResearchBuzz, September 15, 2023 Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communication (DLARC) ResearchBuzz 9/15/2023 ResearchBuzz
Libraries weigh future of free e-books as publishers sue for limits Hachette v. Internet Archive Wisconsin Public Radio 9/15/2023 Kate Archer Kent
AI article announcing former NBA player’s death brands him ‘useless’ Wayback Machine The Independent 9/14/2023 Kelly Rissman
MSN Retracts Insane AI-Generated Obit Calling Dead NBA Player ‘Useless’ Wayback Machine Daily Beast 9/14/2023 Mark Alfred
Jon Tester failed to fully follow through on ethics pledge at center of 2006 campaign Wayback Machine CNN 9/13/2023 Abby Turner, Andrew Kaczynski
Digital Library of Amateur Radio and Communications Reaches 90,000 Items Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communication (DLARC) Amateur Radio Daily 9/13/2023
Internet Achieve is appealing its loss to publisher lawsuit Hachette v. Internet Archive Good E-Reader 9/13/2023 Michael Kozlowski
Internet Archive files appeal in copyright case Hachette v. Internet Archive The Bookseller 9/12/2023 Lauren Brown
“Counting on Judges to Support Libraries”: Internet Archive Appeals Verdict Against its Open Library Hachette v. Internet Archive Medianama 9/12/2023 Aarathi Ganesan
The media-elite narrative about Hunter Biden sits on the right GDELT, Internet Archive, TV News Archive The Washington Post 9/11/2023 Philip Bump
Internet Archive Files Appeal in Copyright Infringement Case Hachette v. Internet Archive Publishers Weekly 9/11/2023 Andrew Albanese
Internet Archive appeals loss in library ebook lawsuit Hachette v. Internet Archive The Verge 9/11/2023 Adi Robertson
The Pirate Preservationists Internet Archive Reason 9/10/2023 Jesse Walker
Fact Check: Does Original Copy of Presidential Election Tribunal Judgement Have Tinubu’s Legal Team’s Watermark on It? Wayback Machine PRNigeria 9/10/2023 PRNigeria
COVID-19 lockdowns returning? Here’s why public health experts say that’s unlikely TV News Archive Politifact 9/8/2023 Sara Swann
One Year Update on Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications (DLARC) Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communication (DLARC), DLARC Manual Sorting Zero Retries Newsletter 9/8/2023 Kay Savetz
After Prigozhin’s Death, a High-Stakes Scramble for His Empire GDELT, TV News Archive, Internet Archive The New York Times 9/8/2023 Anton Troianovski, Declan Walsh, Eric Schmitt, Vivian Yee and Julian E. Barnes
Dirty Delete: How to find dirty deletes on your own Wayback Machine Daily Dot 9/8/2023 Claire Goforth
DeSantis footage edited to add 'We want Trump' chant Wayback Machine, TV News Archive AFP Fact Check 9/7/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Michigan fake elector described planning with Trump campaign attorneys: ‘Mike Pence and Congress [to] make that decision’ Wayback Machine CNN 9/7/2023 Roger Sollenberger
The ‘Fake’ Trump Legal Fund Playing Both Sides and Duping Everyone Wayback Machine The Daily Beast 9/7/2023 Roger Sollenberger
The boy’s a liar: The George Santos story Wayback Machine SB Press 9/7/2023 Lauren Canavan
False Ebola claims spread after flooding at Burning Man festival Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 9/6/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
New YouTube face just dropped Wayback Machine The Verge 9/6/2023 Jay Peters
From farming to doomsday prepping: How one YouTube channel changed to fuel misinformation Wayback Machine Politifact 9/5/2023 Madison Czopek
Twitter again verifies account with N-word in handle Wayback Machine Daily Dot 9/5/2023 Mikael Thalen
Right-wing outlets bid for anti-vaxxer readership with stories tagged “cardiac arrest” Wayback Machine Media Matters 9/5/2023 Matt Gertz
The printed page remains essential for scholars and students Internet Archive, Hachette v. Internet Archive Times Higher Education 9/4/2023 Caroline Ball
Lidl is recalling a PAW Patrol-branded snack because a website listed on the packaging hosts explicit content Wayback Machine Business Insider 9/3/2023 Jyoti Mann
Florida waterspout footage misrepresented as Hurricane Idalia Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 9/1/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Be glad you’re not in charge of raising money for Ron DeSantis GDELT, Internet Archive, TV News Archive The Washington Post 9/1/2023 Philip Bump
Dirty Delete: A look back at the dirtiest deletes Wayback Machine Daily Dot 9/1/2023 Claire Goforth
Posts Share Altered Image from Fox News’ Coverage of Fatal Shooting at UNC-Chapel Hill TV News Archive 8/31/2023 Hadleigh Zinsner
IBM vowed to dial back facial recognition tech, but recently landed $70 million contract to develop it Wayback Machine TechSpot 8/31/2023 Shawn Knight
Image of Fox News chyron calling UNC shooting suspect a ‘mostly white Asian’ is fabricated TV News Archive Politifact 8/30/2023 Jeff Cercone
A study on copyright issues of different controlled digital lending (CDL) modes Open access full text, Internet Archive, cites Bailey Journal of Librarianship and Information Science 8/30/2023 Ying Wang, Tomas A. Lipinski
The Vergecast: Who built the internet? And who will save it? on Apple Podcasts Internet Archive The Verge 8/30/2023
Why is the Internet Archive Streaming Frank Sinatra and Chuck Berry Without a License? Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Billboard 8/30/2023 Robert Levine
A Book Is a Book Is a Book—Except When It’s an e-Book Hachette v. Internet Archive The Nation 8/30/2023 Maria Bustillos
Internet Archive’s digital library has been found in breach of copyright. What are the implications? Hachette v. Internet Archive 8/29/2023 Agata Mrva-Montoya
Former VP at San Francisco tech company stole nearly $3M, feds allege Wayback Machine SF Gate 8/29/2023 Stephen Council
Posts mislead on Georgia artist's mural of Trump's mug shot TV News Archive AFP Fact Check 8/29/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
UNC graduate student charged with murder in fatal shooting of associate professor Wayback Machine CNN 8/29/2023 Nick Valencia, Devon M. Sayers, Eric Levenson
Same Words, Different Meanings: Semantic Polarization in Broadcast MediaLanguage Forecasts Polarity in Online Public Discourse TV News Archive Seventeenth International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM 2023) 8/28/2023 Xiaohan Ding, Mike Horning, Eugenia H. Rho
CoinDesk pulls two articles amid heavy criticism Wayback Machine Cryptosaurus Networks 8/28/2023 Daniel Warren
BBC removes pedophile's drag queen background in arrest report: 'Details not reported in court' Wayback Machine Fox News 8/27/2023 Lindsay Kornick
Fox News deletes a story about the Norcal woman who died in Afghanistan Wayback Machine Lanka Times 8/27/2023 Aygen
WordPress Now Offers a 100-Year Plan for Domains Internet Archive, Wayback Machine PCMag 8/27/2023 Emily Price
Markiplier Only Fans Account Doesn’t Come Close to This Guy Who Makes the Most Money on Onlyfans Wayback Machine Tech Titans on Medium 8/27/2023 Nap, PhiPhi
Jill Lepore Revisits American Myths With an Eye to the Present Wayback Machine New York Times 8/26/2023 Sloane Crosley
Wayback Machine’s Crucial Role in Combating Misinformation Wayback Machine, Dr. Sawood Alam India Education Diary 8/26/2023
X took 2 days to remove the account of the man suspected of California Pride-flag killing of Laura Carleton Wayback Machine Business Insider 8/26/2023 Haley Tenore
There's a Manual for That Internet Archive, Digitized Manuals Collection MetaFilter 8/25/2023 Horace Rumpole
Major Labels Demand $46.8 Million Payment — Plus Interest — from ISP Grande Communications Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Digital Music News 8/25/2023 Dylan Smith
Mike Lindell's WMD Online Detection Viewer: Dennis Montgomery And A Cryptic Message Wayback Machine Lead Stories 8/25/2023 Maarten Schenk
"EU citizens no longer need to work, thanks to Elon Musk - USA Today check" (English translation from Russian) TV News Archive 8/24/2023 Сергей Ким
Dropbox Ends Unlimited Cloud Storage Following Google Change Wayback Machine Yahoo Finance 8/24/2023 Brody Ford
AbbVie Removes Two Early-Stage Cancer Assets from Pipeline Wayback Machine Bio Space 8/24/2023 Tristan Manalac
Reclaiming Control: The Internet Archive Empowers People. Gatekeepers Keep Suing Internet Archive Tech Dirt 8/23/2023 Jennie Rose Halperin
Tech consulting firm ditches San Francisco headquarters after months of quiet layoffs Wayback Machine SF Gate 8/23/2023 Stephen Council
From backbench congressman to debate limelight: The rise of Ron DeSantis, soundbite by soundbite TV News Archive Miami Herald 8/23/2023 Susan Merriam, Sarah Blaskey, Ana Ceballos
Internet Archive’s digital library has been found in breach of copyright. The decision has some important implications Hachette v. Internet Archive The Conversation 8/22/2023 Agata Mrva-Montoya
Debate or not, Fox News is still Trump territory GDELT. Internet Archive, TV News Archive The Washington Post 8/22/2023 Philip Bump
‘Erasure of Content Can Be a Problem for the Public and for History’ Wayback Machine FAIR 8/22/2023 Janine Jackson
Het archief van onze samenleving is een internetarchief Internet Archive Vrij Nederland 8/21/2023 Jens Kimmel
The New York Times blocks OpenAI’s web crawler Wayback Machine The Verge 8/21/2023 Jay Peters. Wes Davis
Some Unexpected Sanity in the Hachette v. Internet Archive Lawsuit Hachette v. Internet Archive Public Knowledge 8/21/2023 Meredith Filak Rose
California nonprofit linked to constitutional sheriff group Wayback Machine Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting 8/21/2023 Albert Serna Jr.
Kenneth Chesebro, alleged architect of fake electors’ plot, followed Alex Jones around Capitol grounds on January 6th Internet Archive CNN 8/18/2023 Andrew Kaczynski, Em Steck, Yahya Abou-Ghazala
Former West Side church pastor charged with child sexual assault Wayback Machine Wisconsin State Journal 8/18/2023 Ed Treleven
Americans Have Moved On From Transgender Culture War Issues, But Politicians Have Not GDELT, Internet Archive, TV News Archive Cybersecurity for Democracy 8/17/2023 Austin Botelho
Mercuri Scrubs Website To Remove Anti-Abortion Stance Wayback Machine PoliticsPA 8/17/2023 Steve Ulrich
Stalking victims sue Tile and Amazon for negligence over tracking tech Wayback Machine The Register 8/17/2023 Jude Karabus
FACT CHECK: No, Ron DeSantis Did Not Receive $2 Million From A Bank Owned By Dominion Voting Systems Wayback Machine Check Your Fact 8/16/2023 Christine Sellers
The Internet Archive Reaches an Agreement with Publishers Hachette v. Internet Archive Good E-Reader 8/16/2023 Navkiran Dhaliwal
Federal judge imposes permanent injunction against Internet Archive Hachette v. Internet Archive Good E-Reader 8/16/2023 Sovan Mandal
SDSU Nursing Student Peddling Old Fascist Tomes Online Wayback Machine Dakota Free Press 8/15/2023 Cory Allen Heidelberger
Internet Archive faces permanent injunction after copyright lawsuit by publishers Hachette v. Internet Archive Fox News 8/15/2023
Copyright Update: Internet Archive Injunction Leaves Some Concerns Hachette v. Internet Archive Publishing Perspectives 8/15/2023 Porter Anderson
Someone needs to save the Internet Archives from the lawyers and I have an idea Internet Archive Tech Radar 8/15/2023 Lance Ulanoff
Our Statement on Hachette v. Internet Archive and Controlled Digital Lending of Materials Hachette v. Internet Archive Library Futures 8/15/2023 Jennie Rose Halperin
Internet Archive’s legal woes mount as record labels sue for $400M Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Ars Technica 8/15/2023 Ashley Belanger
Judge blocks Internet Archive from sharing copyrighted books Hachette v. Internet Archive AP News 8/15/2023 HILLEL ITALIE
Music labels vs. the Internet Archive Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project The Hustle 8/15/2023 Juliet Bennett Rylah
Judge Approves Final Injunction in Publishers, Internet Archive Copyright Case Hachette v. Internet Archive Publishers Weekly 8/15/2023 Andrew Albanese
Internet Archive sued by record labels as battle with book publishers intensifies Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project The Register 8/14/2023 Thomas Claburn
RIAA Piles On In The Effort To Kill The World’s Greatest Library: Sues Internet Archive For Making It Possible To Hear Old 78s Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Techdirt 8/14/2023 Mike Masnick
The Internet Archive reaches an agreement with publishers in digital book-lending case Hachette v. Internet Archive Techspot 8/14/2023 Alfonso Maruccia
Internet Archive poursuivi en justice par des labels de musique Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Le Monde 8/14/2023
‘Wholesale Theft’: Labels Sue Internet Group for Copyright Infringement Over Digitized Vinyl Records Hachette v. Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Billboard 8/14/2023 Bill Donahue
Internet Archive : accord avec les éditeurs, litige avec les labels Hachette v. Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project ActuaLitté 8/14/2023 Antoine Oury
Judgment Entered in Publishers, Internet Archive Copyright Case Hachette v. Internet Archive Publishers Weekly 8/14/2023 Andrew Albanese
The Morning After: The music industry battles the Internet Archive Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Engadget 8/14/2023 Daniel Cooper
How Trump Benefits From an Indictment Effect GDELT, Internet Archive The New York Times 8/13/2023 Jonathan Swan, Ruth Igielnik, Shane Goldmacher and Maggie Haberman
The Internet Archive and leading book publishers find common ground in legal battle Hachette v. Internet Archive Good E-Reader 8/13/2023 Sovan Mandal
The Dream Was Universal Access to Knowledge. The Result Was a Fiasco. Hachette v. Internet Archive The New York Times 8/13/2023 David Streitfeld
Record Labels Hit Internet Archive With New $400m+ Copyright Lawsuit Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Torrent Freak 8/12/2023 Andy Maxwell
Music labels sue nonprofit Internet Archive for copyright infringement over digitized 78s of Frank Sinatra and other artists Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Fortune 8/12/2023 Robert Burnson, Bloomberg
Record Labels File $412 Million Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Internet Archive Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Rolling Stone 8/12/2023 Althea Legaspi
Sony and other music labels sue Internet Archive for digitizing old records Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Engadget 8/12/2023 Mariella Moon
Internet Archive Sued By Record Labels Over Digitized Recordings By Frank Sinatra, Chuck Berry & More Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Deadline 8/12/2023 Bruce Haring
Muzieklabels klagen Internet Archive aan vanwege digitale 78 toerenplaten Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project NU 8/12/2023
Music labels sue Internet Archive over digitized record collection Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Devdiscourse 8/12/2023
In The Age Of Culling Wayback Machine, CNET Tedium 8/11/2023 Ernie Smith
Music labels sue Internet Archive over digitized record collection Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project Reuters 8/11/2023 Blake Brittain
Music labels sue Internet Archive over digitized record collection Internet Archive, The Great 78 Project MSN 8/11/2023 Blake Brittain
Can Sarah Silverman’s AI Lawsuit Save Us From Robot Overlords? Internet Archive Vulture 8/11/2023 Victoria Bekiempis
McDonald’s Removes ESG Abbreviation From Parts of Its Website Wayback Machine Bloomberg Law 8/11/2023 Daniela Sirtori-Cortina
Copyright: Publishers, Internet Archive File Court Proposal Hachette v. Internet Archive Publishing Perspectives 8/11/2023 Porter Anderson
Publishers, Internet Archive agree to streamline digital book-lending case Hachette v. Internet Archive Reuters 8/11/2023 Blake Brittain
Joint Proposal For Next Steps in Hachette et al v. Internet Archive Case Submitted Today Hachette v. Internet Archive Info Docket 8/11/2023 Gary Price
Trump’s Defense Lawyer Spins the Facts Wayback Machine, TV News Archive 8/9/2023 Eugene Kiely, D'Angelo Gore
Misrepresented 2020 US election footage revives false fraud claims Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 8/9/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Everything we know about the illegal Reedley Lab Wayback Machine ABC30 News 8/9/2023 Marc Anthony Lopez
Xenophobic Events vs. Refugee Population – Using GDELT to Identify Countries with Disproportionate Coverage TV News Archive, GDELT Old Dominion University 8/9/2023 Himarsha R. Jayanetti, Erika Frydenlund, Michele C. Weigle
Why Prince Harry's title was just changed on the palace website Wayback Machine TODAY 8/9/2023 Chrissy Callahan
CNET is deleting old articles to try to improve its Google Search ranking Wayback Machine The Verge 8/9/2023 Mia Sato
CNET Deletes Thousands of Old Articles to Game Google Search Wayback Machine Gizmodo 8/9/2023 Thomas Germain
So where’s the bribe, James Comer? GDELT, TV News Archive The Washington Post 8/9/2023 Philip Bump
Release Notes: Editable records request titles, entity extraction, improvements to the Python wrapper for the DocumentCloud API and more. Internet Archive, Save Page Now Muckrock 8/8/2023 Sanjin
Digital internet archive Wayback Machine FOX10 TV 8/8/2023 Lenise Ligon
Live Music Archive now has over 250,000 concert recordings you can listen to for free Live Music Archive MusicTech 8/8/2023 Crystal Koe
Report: Quincy Institute Contributor's Racist Rantings Unmasked Wayback Machine The Washington Free Beacon 8/7/2023 Adam Kredo
How to Play All of Those Old Flash Games You Remember Internet Archive Wired 8/6/2023 Justin Pot
The internet's other archive Wayback Machine Boing Boing 8/5/2023 Rob Beschizza On the trail of the mysterious guerrilla archivist of the Internet Wayback Machine GYROVAGUE 8/5/2023 jpatokal
What Apple, Google, and Amazon’s websites looked like in 1999 Wayback Machine Mashable 8/5/2023 Brittany Levine Beckman
Posts Share Fabricated Quote on ‘Permanent Climate Lockdowns’ Wayback Machine 8/4/2023 Kate Yandell
50 Years of Text Games: From Oregon Trail to AI Dungeon Internet Archive 8/4/2023 Aaron A. Reed
The week’s diverging news realities, depending on your cable channel GDELT and the Internet Archive The Washington Post 8/4/2023 Philip Bump
No extra lives: Stanford’s role in the quest to save video games Internet Archive Stanford News 8/4/2023 Melissa De Witte
NDP calls deleting website that tracked government progress a blow to transparency Wayback Machine CBC 8/4/2023 Ian Froese
Ron DeSantis Spokesman Used to Love Vaccines and Anthony Fauci Wayback Machine The Daily Beast 8/2/2023 Kelly Weill
Marjorie Taylor Greene Employed White Nationalist Collaborator Wayback Machine SPLC 8/2/2023 Hannah Gais, Megan Squire
The service formally known as Twitter is suing a hate speech watchdog Wayback Machine Android Police 8/1/2023 Jorge Aguilar
Terry Tracy: Matt Bradford’s dishonest op-ed shows where the Democratic leader’s real priorities lie Wayback Machine Broad + Liberty 8/1/2023 Terry Tracy
Internet Archive to Appeal the Judgement for Copyright Infringement Accusations Internet Archive Good E-Reader 8/1/2023 Navkiran Dhaliwal
Google: We Don't Archive Our Own Search Result Pages Wayback Machine Search Engine Roundtable 8/1/2023 Barry Schwartz
Judgment Phase of Internet Archive Copyright Case Appears Imminent Internet Archive Publishers Weekly 8/1/2023 Andrew Albanese
How health incidents like Bronny James’ cardiac arrest fuel COVID-19 vaccine misinformation TV News Archive, Wayback Machine Politifact 7/31/2023 Madison Czopek
A Global Project Is Sending Time Capsules to the Moon Containing Artworks and Objects by More Than 30,000 Creatives Brewster Kahle Artnet News 7/31/2023 Adam Schrader
The problem with the ‘Bidenomics’ sales pitch GDELT, Internet Archive The Washington Post 7/31/2023 Philip Bump
How health incidents like Bronny James’ cardiac arrest fuel COVID-19 vaccine misinformation Internet Archive Politifact 7/31/2023 Madison Czopek
Google Drops Google News Sitemap Validation & Errors Help Documents Wayback Machine Search Engine Roundtable 7/31/2023 Barry Schwartz
Threatened water towers: Mapping illegal logging in Kenya's forest reserves Wayback Machine Nation 7/31/2023 Mike Yambo
Does Hello Kitty's 'Boyfriend', Dear Daniel, Identify As a Girl? Wayback Machine Snopes 7/29/2023 Aleksandra Wrona
What is chestfeeding? How it relates to trans parents and what the CDC says Wayback Machine Politifact 7/28/2023 Grace Abels
Request To Send Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communication (DLARC) Zero Retries Newsletter 7/28/2023 Steve Stroh
AI-Generated Data Can Poison Future AI Models Internet Archive Scientific American 7/28/2023 Rahul Rao
The right’s current thing: claiming Trump probes are a distraction GDELT, Internet Archive The Washington Post 7/28/2023 Philip Bump
Indonesia blocks Twitter website after rebranding to X Wayback Machine The Desk 7/27/2023 Matthew Keys
Woman Who Brought Anti-LGBTQ+ SCOTUS Case Did Make a Wedding Website: Report Wayback Machine Advocate 7/27/2023 Christopher Wiggins
Twitter Users Vote Down a Note Correcting Elon's Bogus Vaccine Tweet Wayback Machine Gizmodo 7/27/2023 Thomas Germain
New Evidence Surfaces That 303 Creative Owner Misled SCOTUS Wayback Machine Truthout 7/26/2023 Chris Walker
Twitter fact-check disappears from Elon Musk post linking Bronny James cardiac arrest to COVID vaccine Wayback Machine NY Post 7/26/2023 Thomas Barrabi
Tuberville’s tales about his father in World War II have false elements Wayback Machine The Washington Post 7/26/2023 Glenn Kessler
Pfizer Facility Damaged in Tornado Didn’t Produce COVID-19 Vaccines Wayback Machine 7/25/2023 Saranac Hale Spencer
Bear Finds GoPro in a Pond, Switches it on, and Takes Selfies Internet Archive PetaPixel 7/25/2023 Matt Growcoot
How to See Deleted Reddit Posts? Wayback Machine DIGITBin 7/25/2023 Gregory Chapman
A Real Wedding Website in a Fake Gay Wedding Website Case Wayback Machine The New Republic 7/25/2023 Melissa Gira Grant
Altered image from Barbie movie sparks false Serbia ban rumors Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 7/25/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Tesla deletes web page listing Full Self-Driving software's limitations hours after The Dawn Project links to it in press release Wayback Machine Yahoo Finance 7/24/2023 PR Newswire
Pro-PRC HaiEnergy Campaign Exploits U.S. News Outlets via Newswire Services to Target U.S. Audiences; Evidence of Commissioned Protests in Washington, D.C. Wayback Machine Mandiant 7/24/2023 Ryan Serabian, Daniel Kapellmann Zafra, Conor Quigley, David Mainor
The Unsung Heroes of Game Preservation, Part 2 Internet Archive SUPERJUMP 7/24/2023 Gavin Annand
How Web archivists and other digital sleuths are unraveling the mystery of MH17 Wayback Machine The Washington Post 7/21/2023 Caitlin Dewey
I Watched Russian Television for Five Days Straight Internet Archive The Atlantic 7/20/2023 Gary Shteyngart
Nation's largest teachers' union nixes Gender Queer for students Wayback Machine American Thinker 7/20/2023 Nancy Andersen
Shining a Light on the Digital Dark Age Internet Archive, Wayback Machine The Long Now Foundation 7/19/2023 Adrienne Bernhard
No, Threads didn't rate limit like Twitter. Here's what Meta did. Wayback Machine Mashable 7/19/2023 Matt Binder
Internet Archive Uses DMCA Takedown On DRM Removal Tool Internet Archive Reclaim the Net 7/18/2023 Didi Rankovic
‘It’s Nefarious’: Biden DOJ Blasted For Quietly Removing Sex Trafficking Info From Website Wayback Machine Daily Wire 7/18/2023 Virginia Kruta
James Comer has a James Comer problem TV News Archive The Washington Post 7/18/2023 Philip Bump
A forensic investigation finds a site that doxxes Hong Kong activists and journalists is likely backed by Beijing Wayback Machine Global Voices 7/18/2023 Oiwan Lam
Fox's newest star Jesse Watters boasts a wink, a smirk, and a trail of outrage TV News Archive NPR 7/17/2023 David Folkenflik
Top officer, enlisted leader at Marine boot camp regiment fired Wayback Machine Marine Corps Times 7/17/2023 Irene Loewenson
Internet Archive hosts a treasure trove of lost Lego-building instruction booklets Internet Archive Boing Boing 7/17/2023 Jennifer Sandlin
How MHRA blocks the search for vaccine truth Wayback Machine The Conservative Woman 7/17/2023 Sally Beck
Streaming: the best films about the atomic bomb Internet Archive The Guardian 7/16/2023 Guy Lodge
Saying Goodbye to the Dead. (Again.) Grateful Dead Archive The New York Times 7/14/2023 Marc Tracy
Scope Creep: An Assessment of 8 Social Media Platforms’ Hate Speech Policies Wayback Machine The Future of Free Speech 7/14/2023
Ten Most “Zero Retries Interesting” Projects Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications (DLARC) Zero Retries 7/14/2023 Steve Stroh
Internet Archive Targets Book DRM Removal Tool With DMCA Takedown Internet Archive Torrent Freak 7/14/2023 Ernesto Van der Sar
Doxxing campaign targeting Hong Kong protesters had China links: report Wayback Machine Radio Free Asia 7/14/2023 Chen Zifei
Best Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Tools in 2023 Wayback Machine Marktechpost 7/14/2023 Prathamesh Ingle
Finland's state-sponsored antiracism website taken offline after government changeover Wayback Machine YLE News 7/14/2023
Trump conjures a phony dispute with Ron DeSantis over China tariffs TV News Archive The Washington Post 7/13/2023 Glenn Kessler
RFK Jr. and the rank politics of Jim Jordan’s House subcommittee Wayback Machine The Washington Post 7/13/2023 Philip Bump
‘Greenhushing’: Why some companies quietly hide their climate pledges Wayback Machine The Washington Post 7/13/2023 Maxine Joselow
Download Instructions for More Than 6,800 LEGO Kits at the Internet Archive Internet Archive Open Culture 7/13/2023 Colin Marshall
Google hit with class action over plans to use public info for AI training Internet Archive iTWire 7/13/2023 Sam Varghese
Murdoch is realizing that he’s stuck with the monster he created Internet Archive, GDELT The Washington Post 7/12/2023 Philip Bump
Which 2024 Candidates Had The Best — And Worst — Campaign Launches? TV News Archive FiveThirtyEight 7/12/2023 Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux, Nathaniel Rakich, Meredith Conroy, Bernardino, and Monica Potts
Ex-Northwood teacher pleads guilty to felony in Colorado Wayback Machine Adirondack Daily Enterprise 7/12/2023 Kit Geary, John Chalstrom
Finnish finance minister apologizes for racist and violent comments made online in 2008 Wayback Machine CNN 7/12/2023 Zahid Mahmood
Fox News Channel stated on July 5, 2023 in a chyron: Gender Queer on NEA Summer Reading List for Kids. Wayback Machine Politifact 7/11/2023 Sofia Bliss-Carrascosa
Editorial board member dropped from journal site after Retraction Watch-Undark report links him to paper mill Wayback Machine Retraction Watch 7/11/2023
FACT CHECK: Viral Post Falsely Claims Kim Jong Un Will Kill Anyone Who Attempts Suicide And Fails Wayback Machine Check Your Fact 7/11/2023 Christine Sellers
Democratic Congressman Hopes For ‘Very Bipartisan Support’ On Marijuana Security Clearance And Military Reform Amendments TV News Archive Marijuana Moment 7/10/2023 Kyle Jaeger
An LGBTQ news site disappears in a warning to all media in the digital age Wayback Machine Saporta Report 7/10/2023 John Ruch
Court Says Prostitution Law Doesn't Violate First Amendment but Language Should Be Interpreted Narrowly Internet Archive Reason 7/10/2023 Elizabeth Nolan Brown
ON THE HUNT! Obama-era Emails Show Hunter Biden Connected to a Dozen Senior Aides Wayback Machine Hannity 7/10/2023 Hannity Staff
Crypto Twitter won’t let you forget Brian Armstrong’s deleted tweets Wayback Machine Protos 7/10/2023 Brian Armstrong
Twitter traffic sinks in wake of changes and launch of rival platform Threads Wayback Machine The Guardian 7/10/2023 Josh Taylor, Josh Nicholas
White nationalist publisher’s data exposed in Amazon cloud leak Wayback Machine The Guardian 7/8/2023 Jason Wilson
Documentary row: Court issues fresh summons to BBC, Wikimedia, Internet Archive through Ministry of Law and Justice Internet Archive The Economic Times 7/7/2023
YouTube terminates SMNI News, KOJC channels in ‘compliance with US sanctions laws’ Wayback Machine Rappler 7/7/2023 Gelo Gonzales
Titanic tourist sub operator appears to suspend operations Wayback Machine Politico 7/6/2023 Eric Bazail-Eimil
Youngkin administration removes webpage on LGBTQ resources for youth Wayback Machine Virginia Mercury 7/6/2023 Sarah Vogelsong
How Ron DeSantis Turned Covid Denialism Into a Major Political Weapon Wayback Machine Current Affairs 7/6/2023 Walker Bragman
Booker Slams ‘Two-Tier System’ Of Marijuana Criminalization That Shields Powerful From Punishment While Discussing Hunter Biden Plea Deal TV News Archive Marijuana Moment 7/5/2023 Kyle Jaeger
Booker Slams ‘Two-Tier System’ Of Marijuana Criminalization That Shields Powerful From Punishment While Discussing Hunter Biden Plea Deal TV News Archive Marijuana Moment 7/5/2023 Kyle Jaeger
Class-Action Lawsuit for Scraping Data without Permission Internet Archive Security Boulevard 7/5/2023 Bruce Schneier
New Book Details Teachers Union Internal Document Pushing Critical Race Theory in K-12 Schools Wayback Machine The Daily Signal 7/5/2023 Aaron Withe
Titan sub job advert posted years before deadly implosion Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 7/5/2023 Kate Tan
VG Documentary Site NoClip Aims To Preserve 10 Years Of Lost Video Game Footage Internet Archive Kakuchopurei 7/4/2023 Lewis "lickety" Larcombe
The Anti-Ownership Ebook Economy Internet Archive NYU School of Law 7/1/2023 Sarah Lamdan, Jason M. Schultz, Michael Weinberg, Claire Woodcock
Sacramento’s LGBT newspaper archive went missing. Here’s how the community brought it back Internet Archive The Sacramento Bee 6/30/2023 Graham Womack
FactChecking Trump’s Remarks at the Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference Wayback Machine 6/29/2023 D'Angelo Gore, Eugene Kiely
Uniting tech and activism: How Dweb Camp is elevating decentralized technology DWeb Camp Shareable 6/29/2023 Lia Holland
Crisis pregnancy center warning quietly removed from state abortion info website Wayback Machine This is Reno 6/29/2023 Nevada Current
Spyware app gets hacked Wayback Machine My Broadband 6/28/2023 Hanno Labuschagne
‘The View’: White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Mysteriously No-Showed Today—Just Two Days After The Show Criticized Hunter Biden Wayback Machine Decider 6/28/2023 Radhamely De Leon
Mixtape Sites Like DatPiff Propelled Rap. Can They Be Preserved? Internet Archive New York Times 6/28/2023 Brian Josephs
Crisis pregnancy center warning quietly removed from state abortion info website Wayback Machine Nevada Current 6/28/2023 April Corbin Girnus
Defence slams prosecution for shifting ground as sedition trial against Hong Kong outlet Stand News nears end Wayback Machine Hong Kong Free Press 6/28/2023 Lea Mok
What Has Mehmet Oz Been Up To? Wayback Machine Medpage Today 6/27/2023 Rachael Robertson
Emerging Tech Conference Internet Archive Public Knowledge 6/27/2023
Signing data citations enables data verification and citation persistence Internet Archive Scientific Data 6/27/2023 Michael J. Elliott, Jorrit H. Poelen & José A. B. Fortes
Fake Atlantic article targeting LGBTQ community spreads online Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 6/26/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
YouTube’s Comments Are an Internet Treasure We Must Protect Internet Archive Daily Beast 6/26/2023 Laura Holliday
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Starfield's physical editions will not include "physical discs" Wayback Machine Tech Radar 6/25/2023 Vikki Blake
The Culture War Goes to College Wayback Machine Reveal News 6/24/2023
Harvard Scholar Who Studies Honesty Is Accused of Fabricating Findings Wayback Machine New York Times 6/24/2023 Noam Scheiber
Photos misrepresented as debris from lost Titanic-bound sub Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 6/23/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
OceanGate listed job posting for ‘submersible pilot’ during doomed Titan rescue efforts Wayback Machine NY Post 6/23/2023 Ariel Zilber
Open source licenses need to leave the 1980s and evolve to deal with AI Internet Archive The Register 6/23/2023 Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
A man who signed up to be on board the Titan said he pulled out because it didn’t seem like a ‘professional diving operation’ TV News Archive Insider 6/22/2023 Mia Jankowicz
Top Republican Alleges AG’s Office Changed Maine’s Formal Late-Term Abortion Guidance (And She’s Got Receipts) Wayback Machine The Maine Wire 6/22/2023 Edward Tomic
Russian War Report: Wagner attempts to draft gamers as drone pilots Wayback Machine Atantic Council 6/22/2023 Digital Forensic Research Lab
Chris Christie Vows To ‘End’ The Drug War If Elected President—But Only Partially TV News Archive Marijuana Moment 6/21/2023 Kyle Jaeger
Theme and variations Wayback Machine Nature Plants 6/21/2023
How many miles do you have to travel to get abortion care? One professor maps it Wayback Machine NPR 6/21/2023 Selena Simmons-Duffin, Shelly Cheng
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The World’s Digital Memory Is at Risk Internet Archive New York Times 6/21/2023 Nanna Bonde Thylstrup
Turkey’s new ambassador in Moscow leaked Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov letter Wayback Machine Nordic Monitor 6/21/2023 Abdullah Bozkurt
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A search and rescue operation is underway for a submersible touring the wreckage of the Titanic Wayback Machine CNN 6/19/2023 Eric Levenson
Digital Librarian for and of the World Internet Archive Ferosevr (Medium) 6/18/2023 Ferose V
Anonymous released thousands of files of the dictatorship on the Internet Internet Archive El Observador 6/17/2023 Leonardo Haberkorn
A Weird Research-Misconduct Scandal About Dishonesty Just Got Weirder Wayback Machine Chronical of Higher Education 6/17/2023 Stephanie M. Lee
No, US flag code wasn’t violated when the progress pride flag was displayed at the White House TV News Archive Politifact 6/16/2023 Madison Czopek
Trump repeatedly celebrated the inclusion of transgender women in his beauty pageant TV News Archive CNN 6/16/2023 Andrew Kaczynski
FactChecking Pence’s Presidential Announcement Wayback Machine 6/16/2023 Robert Farley
Roundup weedkiller manufacturers to pay $6.9 million in false advertising settlement Wayback Machine Missouri Indepenent 6/16/2023 Liza Gross
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Analysis | Republicans keep spilling cold water on their Biden bribery allegations TV News Archive Washington Post 6/15/2023 Philip Bump
Article about Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska taking 350 children from Bakhmut ‘under his wing’ briefly appears on his website before vanishing Wayback Machine Meduza 6/15/2023
Amazon sparks outrage after abandoning a major promise it made four years ago: ‘Meaningless lip service’ Wayback Machine Yahoo News 6/15/2023 Laurelle Stelle
Link Rot: How Web Pages Are Lost to Time Wayback Machine Bold TV 6/15/2023 Matt Hirsch
My Father’s Death in 7 Gigabytes Internet Archive WIRED 6/15/2023 Paul Ford
Twitter is a more dangerous platform for the LGBTQ community now than it was a year ago, GLAAD finds Wayback Machine CNBC 6/15/2023 Brandon Gomez
Kawartha Lakes Museum & Archives digitizing Lindsay’s newspaper history | kawarthaNOW Internet Archive Kawatha Now 6/14/2023
Analysis | DeSantis’s campaign launch fizzled TV News Archive Washington Post 6/14/2023 Philip Bump
Trump’s Distortions of Federal Indictment Wayback Machine 6/13/2023 Eugene Kiely
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Brock examining Niagara’s crisis communications during COVID-19 Wayback Machine St. Catharines Standard 6/13/2023 Victoria Nicolaou
Alaska legislative ethics committee opens another investigation into Rep. David Eastman Wayback Machine Kiny Radio 6/13/2023 James Brooks
Kawartha Lakes Museum & Archives Digitizing 60 Years Of Lindsay Post Newspapers And 4,000 Post Negatives Internet Archive Kawartha411 6/13/2023
DatPiff Is Uploading Its Library To Internet Archive Clash Music 6/12/2023 Robin Murray
The Most Unsatisfying and Controversial Ending In Horror Actually Had Potential Wayback Machine Collieder 6/12/2023 RHIANNA MALAS
Stack Overflow strives to protect community content from AI firms, striking mods say “re-enable the data dumps” Internet Archive DevClass 6/12/2023 Tim Anderson
Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications Item Count - now 75,000+ Amateur Radio Archive ZeroRetries 6/12/2023 Jack Stroh
Is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. antivaccine? Judge him by his own words! Wayback Machine Science Based Medicine 6/12/2023 David Gorski
Hong Kong court adjourns hearing of gov't application to ban protest song 'Glory to Hong Kong' Internet Archive Hong Kong Free Press 6/12/2023 Candice Chau
The AI feedback loop: Researchers warn of ‘model collapse’ as AI trains on AI-generated content Internet Archive Venture Beat 6/12/2023 Carl Franzen
Cracker Barrel Stands by Pride Month Celebrations Despite Conservative Backlash Wayback Machine The Messenger 6/10/2023 Nick Gallagher
Машина времени в суде — Екатерина Абашина на Wayback Machine VC.RU 6/10/2023 Ekaterina Abashina
Ukrainian hackers target telecom firm connected to Russian central bank Internet Archive CyberScoop 6/9/2023 AJ VICENS
Protecting Cultural Records With IPFS & Filecoin Internet Archive, Filecoin Archives, Wayback Machine Filecoin Global 6/8/2023 Sunnie
Equivocation on abortion emerges in another Democratic primary Wayback Machine Richmond Times-Dispatch 6/2/2023 Charlotte Rene Woods
Transphobes Are Mad That the British Library Posted About a Fish That Can Change Its Sex Wayback Machine 6/2/2023 JAMES FACTORA
Inside Snopes: the rise, fall, and rebirth of an internet icon Wayback Machine FastCompany 6/2/2023 CHANTEL TATTOLI
License plate commemorating War of 1812 unintentionally contains website for online casino in the Phillipines Wayback Machine New York Post 6/2/2023 Elizabeth Pritchett
Pushing Back Against Putin’s Disinformation Wars Internet Archive International Policy Digest 6/2/2023 Gordon Feller
Ask Fitis, the Bear: Real Crooks Sign Their Malware Wayback Machine Krebs On Security 6/1/2023 Brian Krebs
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Lecture to look at perils and promise of AI Internet Archive Delta Optimist 6/1/2023 Pedro Arrais
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Suspected senior prank lists Maryland school for sale at $42K on Zillow Wayback Machine Fox News 5/31/2023 Cortney Moore
Tech CEO says San Francisco techies are afraid of 'sex' Wayback Machine SF Gate 5/31/2023 Joshua Bote
How to Play Classic DOS Games for Free Internet Archive PC Mag 5/31/2023 Will Greenwald
Helen Keller wrote a letter confronting Adolf Hitler during Nazi book burnings Internet Archive UpWorthy 5/30/2023 Zoha Fatima
Internet Archive Is NOT Like Your Library Internet Archive Litreactor 5/29/2023 Lead Analyst, Consumer Electronics
Migrants DeSantis Flew to Martha's Vineyard Were Not 'Deported the Next Day,' as He Claimed Wayback Machine 5/29/2023 D'Angelo Gore
Internet Archive Suffers Major Global Outage Internet Archive Forbes 5/28/2023 Matt Novak
Fake Atlantic headline on white supremacy spreads online Wayback Machine Factcheck 5/27/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Fabricated Trump post circulates around DeSantis campaign launch Wayback Machine Factcheck 5/27/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Fabricated Trump post circulates around DeSantis campaign launch Wayback Machine FactCheck AFP 5/26/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Lazard's new CEO once inspired a fan blog called Here are 5 fascinating facts about Peter Orszag, Wall Street's newest chief Wayback Machine Business Insider 5/26/2023
BBC documentary: Delhi court reserves order on issue of service of summons as per Hague Convention Internet Archive DevDisclosure 5/26/2023
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Amazon gives up a key part of its climate pledge and deletes the blog post that announced the Shipment Zero initiative. We dug up the details anyway Wayback Machine Business Insider 5/25/2023 Alistair Barr
Deepfake of Hillary Clinton endorsing Ron DeSantis recirculates online Wayback Machine 5/25/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
4 things to know about copyright litigation Wayback Machine 5/25/2023 Ned Sackman
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Evolution of misinformation: How false story about migrants displacing homeless veterans caught fire Wayback Machine Politifact 5/23/2023 Jeff Cercone
Activision shuts down popular fan servers for legacy Call of Duty games Wayback Machine ArsTechnica 5/23/2023 KYLE ORLAND
Book Publishers Are Trying to Destroy Public E-Book Access in Order to Increase Profits CDL Current Affairs 5/23/2023 Stephen Prager
Gender dysphoria’: What it is, what it isn’t and how history has changed its view TV News Archive Politifact 5/23/2023
Over 90 audio cassettes from 1999 Game Developers Conference now digitized and available for free | Game World Observer Internet Archive Game World Observer 5/23/2023 Evgeny Obedkov
Young Children Do Not Receive Medical Gender Transition Treatment Wayback Machine 5/23/2023 Kate Yandell
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Why anime archives will make every otaku's life easier, explored Sportskeeda 5/21/2023 Joshua Corvington
Kara Swisher Swipes Elon Musk: ‘Dog Whistle of Exhaustingly Toxic Nonsense and a Professional Adult Toddler’ Wayback Machine Yahoo News 5/20/2023 Jeremy Fuster
Elon Musk won’t stop tweeting his way into trouble Wayback Machine VOX 5/20/2023 Shirin Ghaffary
Jack Dorsey's Bluesky Is Trying to Save the Internet. It Wants Your Feedback, Please. Wayback Machine Gizmodo 5/20/2023 Thomas Germain
‘Palestine Must Be Obliterated’: ‘Times of Israel’ Publishes, Deletes Article Calling for Genocide Wayback Machine Palestine Chronicle 5/19/2023
Analysis | Ted Cruz figures out a way to guzzle new Bud Light headlines TV News Archive Washington Post 5/19/2023 Philip Bump
Allergic to actual information': Elon Musk routed for spreading another debunked conspiracy theory Wayback Machine MSN 5/19/2023 Brandon Gage
Your digital life isn’t as permanent as you think it is Wayback Machine MIT Technology Review 5/19/2023 Tate Ryan-Mosleyarchive page
North Korean Karaoke Machine Teardown Internet Archive Hackaday 5/19/2023 Chris Lott
Patent Infringement Case: Delhi HC relies on WayBack Machine evidence Wayback Machine Business Standard 5/18/2023 Bhavini Mishra
CDC did not say the polio vaccine gave millions of Americans a ‘cancer virus’ Wayback Machine AP News 5/18/2023 MELISSA GOLDIN
Revealed: Vladimir Putin's secret Black Sea bunker Wayback Machine Yahoo News 5/17/2023 Mattathias Schwartz,Anastasiia Carrier
No, YouTube Is Not Deleting Old Videos Wayback Machine RollingStone 5/17/2023 JEFF IHAZA
Alexandria Library launches new archive to document the city’s online culture Community Web AlxNow 5/17/2023 Vernon Miles
Hackers Using Golang Variant of Cobalt Strike to Target Apple macOS Systems Wayback Machine HackerNews 5/16/2023 Ravie Lakshmanan
Opinion | Tim Scott is in a better position than you might think TV News Archive Washington Post 5/15/2023 David Byler
Archive Team Races to Save a Billion Imgur Files Before Porn Deletion Apocalypse Archive Team VICE 5/15/2023 Ernie Smith
No, George Soros Is Not Dead Wayback Machine Snopes 5/15/2023 Izz Scott LaMagdeleine
Google Bard adds genuine citations in responses and more concise summaries Wayback Machine Search Engine Land 5/15/2023 Barry Schwart
Donald Trump is endlessly willing to endorse extrajudicial violence TV News Archive Washington Post 5/15/2023 Philip Bump
Good, Better, Best’: Practices in Archiving & Preserving Open Access Monographs Internet Archive InfoDocket 5/15/2023 Gary Price
EXCLUSIVE: Capitol Hill Staffer Is A Prominent Follower Of Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes Wayback Machine Talking Points Memo 5/15/2023 Hunter Walker
Surveillance Contractor Monitored Vaccine Skeptics, Report Says Wayback Machine Reclaim The Net 5/13/2023 Ken Macon
What does the future of human memory and the transmission of knowledge look like in an increasingly virtual world? Oana Suteu Khintirians NFB doc Beyond Paper opens June 9 in Toronto at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema Internet Archive Webwire 5/13/2023
Generative AI is Disruptive, But More Copyright Isn’t the Answer Internet Archive Public Knowledge 5/12/2023 Nicholas Garcia
Analysis | Trump supporters are neither underrecognized nor half the country TV News Archive Washington Post 5/12/2023 Philip Bump
Grieving relatives blast Elon Musk for removing Twitter accounts belonging to dead loved ones: 'It crushed me' Wayback Machine Business Insider 5/11/2023 Sophia Ankel
PM Modi documentary: BBC says Delhi court does not have jurisdiction to deal with defamation case Internet Archive Bar and Bench - Indian Legal news 5/11/2023 Prashant Jha
Twitter could delete dormant profiles. Here’s how to save them. Wayback Machine Washington Post 5/10/2023 Heather Kelly
There’s No Real Plan for Preserving Internet Content. Here’s Why That’s a Problem dot.LA 5/10/2023 Lon Harris
Texas gunman not pictured in mugshots shared online Wayback Machine 5/10/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Democratic bill doesn’t ban detaining LGBTQ+ immigrants, but sets criteria DHS must meet to do so TV News Archive Politifact 5/10/2023 Will Cain
Let Them Eat AI TV News Archive Rushkoff 5/10/2023 Douglas Rushkoff
Democratic bill doesn’t ban detaining LGBTQ+ immigrants, but sets criteria DHS must meet to do so TV News Archive Politifact 5/9/2023 Grace Abels
The Mystery at the Heart of George Santos’ Rise Wayback Machine Slate 5/9/2023 BEN MATHIS-LILLEY
FOXLEAKS: Tucker Carlson on getting “triggered” by Dominion’s deposition lawyer: “That slimy little motherfucker” TV News Archive Media Matters 5/9/2023 MATT GERTZ
Twitter plans to remove and archive inactive accounts Wayback Machine BBC 5/9/2023 Tom Gerken
Relive Your Childhood Games With This Free CD-ROM Archive Internet Archive LifeHacker 5/8/2023 Jake Peterson
Something Awful is racing to save the best and worst of web history Wayback Machine The Verge 5/8/2023 Adi Robertson
Publishers Take a Hatchet to Free Digital Libraries | JD Supra CDL JD Supra 5/8/2023
Our Vanishing Internet: Disappearing Data, Paywalls, and Memory Holes - Legal Talk Network CDL Legal Talk Network 5/8/2023 Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell
OpenAI changed its plans and won't train on customer data, Sam Altman says Wayback Machine CNBC 5/8/2023 Rohan Goswami
Google Pixel Tablet Specs Accidentally Posted to Amazon Ahead of I/O Wayback Machine PCMag 5/8/2023 Marco Marcelline
Opinion: Students v. Publishers – The Internet Archive Lawsuits CDL The Knight Crier 5/7/2023 Aidan Simon
Here's what AFT’s Randi Weingarten said about reopening schools during COVID-19 TV News Archive Politifact 5/7/2023 Madison Czopek
Video shows migrants at Spain-Morocco border, not entering US Wayback Machine 5/5/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Taylor Swift's Rumored New BF Matty Healy Once Said Dating Her Would Be 'Emasculating' Wayback Machine Jesebel 5/4/2023 Rich Juzwiak
Analysis | Enrique Tarrio was not just a random seditionist Wayback Machine Washington Post 5/4/2023 Philip Bump
Mississauga man accused of mailing sodium nitrite also allegedly sold gas masks, tubing Wayback Machine CP24 5/4/2023 Aisling Murphy
Biden's 2022 Remarks Not Related to Trump Indictment, Contrary to Online Posts - TV News Archive 5/3/2023 Saranac Hale Spencer
Documentary on Modi: Delhi court issues summons to BBC, Wikipedia, Internet Archive on defamation case by BJP member Internet Archive Free Press Kashmir 5/3/2023
How amazing is! And how do I use it? Internet Archive Voices UChicago 5/3/2023
Clarence Thomas’s ethics are not the Supreme Court’s only problem TV News Archive Washington Post 5/2/2023 Philip Bump
An e-history of the Juneau Empire | Juneau Empire Wayback Machine Juneau Empire 5/2/2023 Mark Sabbatini
Fake CNN tweet on Zelensky, immigration spreads online Wayback Machine 5/2/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Here’s how right-wing media shields Trump from his scandals TV News Archive Washington Post 5/2/2023 Philip Bump
B-Plus 2023-05 : Albany Amateur Radio Association DLARC Albany Amateur Radio Association 5/1/2023
MDARC Joins Archive Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communication (DLARC) The Carrier 5/1/2023 Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club
DatPiff Announces New Internet Archive Partnership Internet Archive Hot New Whip Hop 5/1/2023 James Jones
Why are Americans shooting strangers and neighbors? ‘It all goes back to fear’ TV News Archive Washington Post 4/30/2023 Danielle Paquette, John D. Harden and Scott Clement
NEH grant largest federal grant in Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research’s history Internet Archive Research Wisc Edu 4/28/2023
The Real Reason Presidential Candidates Form Exploratory Committees TV News Archive FiveThirtyEight 4/28/2023 Nathaniel Rakich
Game Preservation Site Forest Of Illusion Shuts Down After Six Years Internet Archive The Gamer 4/28/2023 JAMES TROUGHTON
Publishers and Internet Archive Make Slow Progress on Terms of Judgment CDL Publishers Lunch 4/27/2023 Michael Cader
Here are falsehoods we found in Tucker Carlson’s final Fox show TV News Archive Politifact 4/27/2023 Madison Czopek and Amy Sherman
The Authority in Free Mixtapes Internet Archive DatPiff 4/27/2023
Bannon-Linked GoFundMe Scammer Sentenced to 4-1/2 Years for Trump Border Wall Scheme Wayback Machine Gizmodo 4/27/2023 Nikki Main
In the Internet Archive Lawsuit, a Win for Publishers May Come at a Cost for Readers Everywhere CDL The Walrus 4/26/2023 TAJJA ISEN
Why Russian TV Isn’t Tucker Carlson’s Dream Job TV News Archive Bloomberg 4/25/2023 Leonid Bershidsky
A Wave of Turnover at Laurene Powell Jobs’ Climate Fund, as Four Strategy Staff Depart Wayback Machine InsidePhilanthropy 4/25/2023 Kavate
Donald Trump's support of trans woman in 2012 comes to light as primary heats up Wayback Machine LQBTQ Nation 4/25/2023 Alex Bollinger
BuzzFeed’s Epic Fail Is Bad News Wayback Machine The Nation 4/25/2023 Maria Bustillos
Tucker Carlson parts ways with Fox News. These are some of his most consequential falsehoods. TV News Archive Politifact 4/24/2023 Madison Czopek
Ron Johnson takes Hunter Biden-laptop-whataboutism to new heights TV News Archive Washington Post 4/24/2023 Philip Bump
Elon Musk Drops All Twitter's Media Labels, Even for State-Run Outlets Wayback Machine Gizmodo 4/24/2023 Jody Serrano
Twitter gave a gold checkmark to a troll account impersonating a defunct Disney TV channel for kids, which then posted a racial slur Wayback Machine Business Insider 4/24/2023 Pete Syme
‘Sorry — Of Course I’m Going to Name That Person’ TV News Archive Politico 4/23/2023 JACK SHAFER
DHS Quietly Purges CISA "Mis, Dis and Malinformation" Website To Remove Domestic Censorship References Wayback Machine Foundation For Freedom 4/23/2023
Gain of Function Has Never Worked Wayback Machine California Globe 4/23/2023 Thomas Buckley
More of the internet could disappear as load-bearing image host Imgur announces deletion of old content and NSFW images Wayback Machine PC Gamer 4/23/2023 Ted Litchfield
Since photos' release, LAPD has been quietly scrubbing police rosters from portal Internet Archive LA Tiimes 4/22/2023 LIBOR JANY
Elon Musk removes Twitter’s “government-funded media” labels after outlets flee the platform Wayback Machine The Verge 4/21/2023 Emma Roth
It's Official: SCOTUS Strikes Down Roe v. Wade Wayback Machine Medpage Today 4/21/2023 Rachael Robertson
San Francisco Supervisors Throw Support Behind Internet Archive as It Fights Copyright Ruling CDL KQED 4/21/2023 Sydney Johnson
When You Buy a Book, You Can Loan It to Anyone. This Judge Says Libraries Can’t. Why Not? CDL The Nation 4/20/2023 Michelle Wu
Outdated Chicago looting footage misrepresented online Wayback Machine FactCheck AFP 4/20/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Judge who suspended abortion pill failed to disclose interviews that discussed social issues Wayback Machine CNN 4/20/2023 Andrew Kaczynski and Em Steck
KQED April 20 2023 Internet Archive Internet Archive KQED 4/20/2023
The cost of college room and board is rising even faster than tuition. It's driving students into even more debt. Wayback Machine Business Insider 4/19/2023 Madison Hall
Board Of Supervisors Support Digital Libraries CDL SF Gate 4/19/2023
Internet Archive Wants To Share Books Online, But Are They Breaking the Law? CDL KQED 4/19/2023 Alexis Madrigal
The Return of the Virtual ‘Caliphate’? Mapping the Evolution of the Islamic State’s Information Ecosystem Internet Archive GNET Research 4/19/2023 Miron Lakomy
The Internet Archive's troubles are bad news for book lovers CDL Spectator 4/18/2023 Robin Ashenden
America’s toxic mix of guns, concern over crime — and fear-mongering TV News Archive Washington Post 4/18/2023 Philip Bump
Marjorie Taylor Greene posts doctored beer photo of Lindsey Graham Wayback Machine FactCheck AFP 4/18/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Twitter quietly removes policy against misgendering trans people Wayback Machine TechCrunch 4/18/2023 Amanda Silberling
Twitter made it easier to harass transgender users Wayback Machine The Verge 4/18/2023 Jess Weatherbed and Emma Roth
Twitter quietly changes its hateful conduct policy to remove standing protections for its transgender users Wayback Machine NBC News 4/18/2023 Angela Yang
ISIS Supporter Disseminates French-Language List Of ISIS Materials Hosted On San-Francisco Based Internet Archive Internet Archive MEMRI 4/17/2023
De strijd voor digitale toegang Internet Archive Reports Online 4/16/2023 Bas Vossen
What happened to TechAssimilate? Wayback Machine TechAssimilate 4/16/2023
Listen to 385,000 Vintage 78 RPM Records for Free on 'The Internet Archive' Internet Archive The Great 78s Projectg My Modern Met 4/16/2023 Madeleine Muzdakis
Fox News isn’t talking about Clarence Thomas much TV News Archive Washington Post 4/14/2023 Philip Bump
Everything we know so far about Bob Lee's alleged killer Wayback Machine SF Examiner 4/14/2023 Greg Wong
Why it’s wrong to call the Tennessee state representatives insurrectionists TV News Archive Politifact 4/13/2023 Louis Jacobson, Amy Sherman
Presidential announcements haven’t been good at generating attention TV News Archive Washington Post 4/13/2023 Philip Bump
Bob Lee stabbing suspect’s company website goes offline in wake of arrest Wayback Machine KRON4 4/13/2023 Alex Baker
DOGE Jumps 6% Following Elon Musk’s 1M Dogecoin Offer Wayback Machine Cryptopotato 4/13/2023 Chayanika Deka
Swiss Covid-19 vaccine guidance misinterpreted online Wayback Machine 4/12/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Los Angeles Tries to Claw Back Public Records After Police Invent New Definition of “Undercover” Internet Archive The Intercept 4/11/2023 Micah Lee
The Gagarin Center at Bard College and PEN America Establish Russian Independent Media Archive Wayback Machine 4/11/2023
Time Travel 100 Years With This Colorized Footage of Driving In Detroit Prelinger Film Archive The Drive 4/11/2023 James Gilboy
A Serial Tech Investment Scammer Takes Up Coding? Wayback Machine krebs On Security 4/11/2023 Brian Krebs
Tenure of new Michigan GOP chair who spread Beyoncé paganism conspiracy theory is off to a rocky start | CNN Politics Wayback Machine CNN 4/11/2023 Em Steck, Olivia Alafriz and Andrew Kaczynski
6 Great Internet Archive Collections To Enjoy As The Digital Library Fight Continues Internet Archive Paste Magazine 4/10/2023 Trent Moore
The Ruling That Threatens the Future of Libraries CDL The Atlantic 4/9/2023 Adam Serwer
Internet Archive and the complex politics of e-book lending CDL The Week 4/9/2023 Theara Coleman
Internet Archive is getting sued - have we learned nothing from history? CDL TechRadar 4/8/2023 Kristina Terech
Editorial: Public proceedings, private profit: The Donald Trump court transcripts must be freely available to all Wayback Machine New York Daily News 4/8/2023 New York Daily News Editorial Board
California library advocates to rally in support of access to online books CDL EdSource 4/8/2023 Ali Tadayon
Internet Archive’s Unauthorized Lending of Copyrighted eBooks is Not Fair Use CDL National Law Review 4/7/2023
MSNBC Mentions Hamilton 68 Over 100 Times TV News Archive Racket News 4/7/2023 Matt Orfalea and Matt Taibbi
Amazon Shut Down DPReview. The Community Is Saving It Internet Archive VICE 4/6/2023 Ernie Smith
SF's Internet Archive Sounds Alarm Over Libraries’ Digital Future CDL SF Standard 4/6/2023 Ida Mojadad
How to Build a Theological Library on a Budget Internet Archive The Gospel Coalition 4/6/2023 JOE CARTER
Tech Firm Lists ‘Whites’-Only Job, Blames Employee, Nukes Online Presence Wayback Machine VICE 4/5/2023 Maxwell Strachan
Outrage over white-only job ad drives tech firm to delete website Wayback Machine ArsTechnica 4/5/2023 ASHLEY BELANGER
Barlow’s models Internet Archive Chemistry World 4/5/2023 ANDREA SELLA
Ohio Republican lawmaker falsely claims he graduated from MIT Wayback Machine WDTN News 4/5/2023 Adam Conn
The Internet Archive wants to save libraries from censorship. And they want your help CDL SF Examiner 4/5/2023 Carmela Guaglianone
EDITORIAL ANALYSIS : In controlled digital lending, the issue of public interest CDL The Hindu 4/5/2023
SF-Based Internet Archive Is Fighting a Ruling That Could Change the Future of Digital Libraries CDL KQED 4/5/2023 Sydney Johnson
A Tiny Blog Took on Big Surveillance in China—and Won Wayback Machine WIRED 4/4/2023 Amos Zeeberg
Twitter Adds ‘State-Affiliated Media’ Label To NPR Account Putting It On Par With Russia Today Wayback Machine Forbes 4/4/2023 Matt Novak
If we lose the Internet Archive, we're screwed – The Statesman CDL The Statesman 4/4/2023 CHRISTINE KELLEY
Maryland man threatened to 'slaughter' LGBTQ+ group after Covenant School shooting, DOJ says Wayback Machine WUSA9 4/4/2023 Jordan Fischer
Manhattan DA's office scrubs 'Meet Our Team' portion of website ahead of Trump arraignment Wayback Machine Yahoo News (Fox News) 4/4/2023 Joe Schoffstall
The Internet Archive Case: A Summary Brief CDL InfoToday 4/4/2023 Marci Wicker
Bay Area free digital library at center of ongoing legal battle with publishers CDL ABC7 4/3/2023 Melanie Woodrow
Don't Rework Section 230, Pursue Private Rating System Instead TV News Archive Real Clear Markets 4/3/2023 Pat Condo
FDA Admits Inactive Pets “cannot get enough required nutrients” From Pet Food Wayback Machine Truth About Petfood 4/3/2023 Susan Thixton
Boston Children's Hospital director calls for drastic increase in capacity for gender surgeries for minors Wayback Machine Fox News 4/2/2023 Hannah Grossman
CDL vs. Copyright: The Case Against the Internet Archive CDL The Gazell 4/2/2023 AMRITA ANAND
Toronto twins’ claim of being Inuit nets thousands in scholarship money from various organizations Internet Archive APT News 4/1/2023 Danielle Paradis
Bogus Norm Macdonald Tweet Circulates in Aftermath of Nashville Shooting Wayback Machine 3/31/2023 Saranac Hale Spencer
Parents magazine removes doctor's rebuttal to pro-choice 'myth' about abortion restrictions Wayback Machine Christian Post 3/31/2023 Samantha Kamman
The Internet Archive’s Literary Civil War CDL Wired 3/31/2023 KATE KNIBBS
The Gagarin Center at Bard College Hosts International Conference at Columbia University on April 13–14 Wayback Machine 3/30/2023
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